Jade Martin is a 19 year old who graduated from BCHS and is very emotional but lonely. Both of her parents have died, and the rest of her family have all passed away. The only family member she has left is her 3 year old sister, Maddie. But something tragic happens and causes her to run into One Direction.


6. Home

Liam's P.O.V

"Babe wake up!" I said then kissed her on the cheek.
" Mhm" She rolled over ignoring me.
"Get up beautiful." I said smiling she wasn't a morning person, but I love her so I don't care.
"Morning, love" she said smiling but still half asleep I played with her hair, but everyone else was now up and existed to go home.
The nurse came in the room,
"How are you feeling" she said.
"Great!" Jade seemed so happy. The nurse smiled and said, "ok Liam will you come with me to fill out the papers to release her."
"Yes I will be back, love" I said smiling.

Jades P.O.V

Oh my gosh I was so happy to finally be going home I couldn't be happier! And Liam is the best boyfriend in the whole world he said that me and him would go do something after we left. Then Liam came back in the room and started getting all of our stuff together and laid back down beside me , then there was a knock on the door Harry went to answer it. It was Danielle.
"What are you doing here!" Harry said shocked. Liam gripped my hand harder and his eyes widened I knew he was mad but I never did ask what happened to them. She was freaking out!
" what the crap are you doing with that!" She said pointing to me. Liam looked at her like oh no you just didn't.
"Um excuse me no that's no ok you can't just barge in here and do that and she is not a that she is an amazing person and I love her!" I smiled but you could tell that she was mad and sad.
Then she started to cry," Liam I love you please don't do this I messed up I need you please don't do this" she said I felt horrible.
" I am sorry my decision has already been made and I am with Jade." He said looking down because I knew he couldn't look at her he felt bad because that's just him.
"Now please leave." He said laying back down. She was still crying as she walked out. Liam sat back down all the rest of them were still in shock Liam apologized for her. I said it was fine then there was another knock on the door I thought it was Danielle again. But is was my other best friend Kaci oh my gosh I could believe it was her I haven't seen her in forever we don't talk much.
"Oh my gosh Jade why didn't you tell me I haven't seen you in forever I have missed you so so so much" she said running over and gave me a big hug.
" I don't mean to be rude but why are you here" I said as politely as I could I wasn't trying to be mean or anything.
"Oh Liam invited me after I go done freaking out I was talking to Liam Payne, one of the amazing hotties for One Direction! He told me what happened and I am so sorry." She said, I looked over at Liam and smile he knew I needed another friend besides Lexi." We all sat down and hung out then the nurse came in,
"you all can go now" she said. So we we were all just going to go back to Jade's house so we were on our way and then pulled up to her house and all we saw was flashing lights and fire truck. Jade knew what had happened and started cry
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