Jade Martin is a 19 year old who graduated from BCHS and is very emotional but lonely. Both of her parents have died, and the rest of her family have all passed away. The only family member she has left is her 3 year old sister, Maddie. But something tragic happens and causes her to run into One Direction.


3. Happiness Doesn't Last Forever

Liam's P.O.V:

I cant really sleep I have laid here forever and all I could do is think of Jade she look like an angel as she slept. She is so cute when she talks in her sleep, then I heard out of no where "Liam don't go I love you" I had the biggest smile ever on my face....
"Good morning everyone!" Jade said, she seemed really happy. Niall was stuffing his face with food, Louis was talking to Harry and Lexi, and Zayn and I was talking I look up at her with her hair down and messy and wearing shorts and a tank top, she look so cute and no make up was a big plus. I wanted to tell her how beautiful she looked but I didn't know how to say it.
" Good Morning, Love!" I said smiling. She went over to check on Maddie she was doing fine, Niall was now playing with her. We all sat down to eat. We were joking around and playing Maddie, we were all laughing then we heard a knock on the door, Jade got up to answer it. It was the doctor Jade had stepped out of the room, when she came back in I could see the tears start to swell up in her eyes. I ran over to find out what was wrong, I grabbed her hand to comfort her some she was shaking really bad. I took her out in the hall as I did I saw a tear run her face.
" What's wrong?" I asked, trying not to cry. She looked up at me with a tear running down her face
" S-s-she h-has a brain bleed" she said now starting to cry.
"And the found lung cancer" now she was balling. I grabbed her and pulled her close, I started to cry. Niall was coming out of Maddie's room.
"What's going on?" He asked when he saw us.
"Do you think we should go inside and them?" I said to her.
" Yes, will you please tell them?" She said, I could tell she was trying to hold in her tears. We walked in the room to tell the Lexi had now showed up. I explained everything to them, Zayn was shocked, Niall's mouth dropped as a tear ran down his face, Harry by this time had his hands over his face and was crying , then Lou I have never, ever seen him so serious he was crying so hard we all knew that she could die.

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