Jade Martin is a 19 year old who graduated from BCHS and is very emotional but lonely. Both of her parents have died, and the rest of her family have all passed away. The only family member she has left is her 3 year old sister, Maddie. But something tragic happens and causes her to run into One Direction.


5. Good Times

Liam's P.O.V:

I leaned down to kiss her again and realized that Lexi and the boys were in the room still.
" Oh sorry I didn't realize you all were here" Jade said smiling and bit ring her lip in a cute way she seem so much better.
" haha, it's fine I thought it was really cute." Lexi said trying not to laugh.
I looked at Jade and said, "I never want to lose you, I love you and have loved you ever sense I first saw you, you are amazing." She just kissed me.
" I have been in love with you for 2 years and I never want to lose you." She said, I kissed her again. The nurse came in, " Oh, you are awake. How are you feeling?"
"Fine I feel great it feels like nothing's wrong." I was smiling so big. I was so happy for her I could believe it she was awake and so happy. I grabbed her hand she smiled, Lexi was sitting on Harry's lap, Eleanor had showed up with Perrie Eleanor ran over to Louis and gave him a hug and Perrie ran over to Zayn we all hang out we sat there and talked forever. They told Jade that she may be able to leave tomorrow if she does ok today, she smiled so big! I was so happy for her but then hi thought what is she going to do her parents were gone and now her sister she don't have any one else I thought wait she can move in with Eleanor, Perrie or Lexi, Because I think it would be kinda awkward to move in with me. It was time to go to sleep we were all laying there Lou had his arm around Eleanor, Lexi was laying on Harry's lap and Perrie had her head on Zayn's shoulder, I was holding her hand while she was sleeping.

Jade's P.O.V:

I woke up before everyone they all were so cute sleeping, Liam is amazing he had been right here through all of this. And I was so happy I finally get to go home! Then I saw Liam's eyes open, he looked at me and smiled.
"Hey, pumpkin" I said grinning.
"Good morning, beautiful," he said seeming even more happier. He grabbed my hand and kissed it, it was kinda cheesy but I loved it. Then he kissed my lips. He crawled in the bed I laid my head on his chest and fell asleep

Liam's P.O.V.
She laid her head down on my chest and fell back to sleep she looked so cute then Lexi woke and Harry was playing with her hair all the boys was now awake and Eleanor and Perrie was still sleeping and Jade was still layin on my chest sleeping.
"Don't leave me Liam, I love you" she was talking in her sleep I smiled and whispered in her ear,
"Don't worry I won't" she kinda smiled like she heard me, she grabbed my hand and scooted closer.
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