Jade Martin is a 19 year old who graduated from BCHS and is very emotional but lonely. Both of her parents have died, and the rest of her family have all passed away. The only family member she has left is her 3 year old sister, Maddie. But something tragic happens and causes her to run into One Direction.


4. Falling Hard

Jade's P.O.V:

I took a deep breath still thinking of all what had happened. I was still crying. The boys at this point didn't know what to say. Liam still had his arms around me, I loved it, I think I am in love with him and I can't stand it I want to tell him but can't. He was still holding my in the sweetest way ever he was so cute even if he was crying. I look over at Harry and Lexi I saw Harry grab her hand she smiled it was so cute and Zayn, Lou and Niall were all talking, Maddie was sleeping. I tried to stop crying but it was so hard, then all of a sudden we heard a long beep we looked over at Maddie I knew that sound I started to cry even more. Liam didn't move he stayed there and held me.
"NURSE, DOCTOR HELP, HELP!!" Niall said busting out of the door. Zayn's mouth dropped along with Lou's. Lexi ran over to me and said everything was fine to calm down, because by now I was crying the hardest I have ever cried. Lexi was now crying Harry got up to get her and hugged her. Niall came in with the doctor and nurse they tried to shock her back she wouldn't budge. They had took an X-Ray.
"The cancer has spread it is now in both lungs and we found some in her bones. We have tried every thing she is not responding I am really sorry." The Doctor had said I fell in the floor crying even harder, Liam was crying even harder the boys looked at the bed looked at me and then started crying. Harry had his hands over his face and Zayn turned to the wall crying and lexi ran over to me and started crying she stroked her hand through my hair, to calm me down some. Lou was still in shock.
"I have no one else everyone's gone she's gone she wasn't like a sister she was like my child I treated her like one and I loved her if I wasn't so stupid and was watching her we wouldn't be in here it's all my fault." I said looking up at lexi.
"You have me and the boys we will be here and you can't help she had cancer they said she could have been born with it. It's not you fault!" Lexi said
"Yes, love you have me and they boys and I be here no matter what." Liam said trying to hold his tears back with a fake smile. I was still in my pajamas I look like crap and I was still crying I hated it.
"O-o-k yo-"

Liam's P.O.V:

"She still has a pulse she is just passed out." I said not having any clue what to do. I ran out to get the nurse she ran in they took some test on her.
"She is in a comma. We don't know how long she will be in this state or if she will come out of it we will keep her here" the nurse said dropping her head. I knew she had been through enough, and I really couldn't lose her she meant a lot to me even if I didn't show it she meant every thing to me I now started to cry. I Lexi was still crying.
" I really like her I don't know how to tell her though she means everything to me I can't live with out her." I said look up at the boys and Lexi. Harry look at Lou and smiled.
"What?" I was confused
"I knew you liked her I could tell but the look in you eyes" he smirked.
"She likes you to you know, Liam she likes you a lot she has been talking about you constantly for like 2 or 3 years she was like in love with you but you could tell in her eyes and you mean the world to her." Lexi said stoping crying.
"Really, I didn't think she liked me."
"How could you not tell she loved when you held her and hugged her it proved that you cared she always smile when she saw you." Lexi said now smiling
" I still don't know how to tell her." I said getting frustrated with my self.
"Just tell her it would mean so much more to her it might cheer her up some after she had lost her parents, family, sister and she almost is died but I believe in her she is strong she can fight through it." She said with a big smile. There was a knock on the door, it was dinner Zayn had brought.(We were going to send Niall but we wanted food to be left we he got here) we ate and I still couldn't believe so many things could happen in one day. It was so devastating, today was the worst day of my life I needed Jade. I missed her so much I can't do this.
"I hate today, I hate it" I said I was so mad.
"You couldn't help it, it wasn't your fault." Lexi said with a tear running down her face.
"Liam, it not your fault, calm down." Harry said. I started to cry it was the most I have ever cried in one day I couldn't help it. I can't stand to see her cry we all got showers and got ready for bed, I figured a shower would calm me down a bit. I laid there all night I couldn't sleep still I couldn't stop thinking of Jade, her amazing hair, perfect lips, adorable smile, the cutest laugh ever she was amazing I didn't believe in love at first site but now I do and I believe it is. I thought about her all night but it was kinda hard because Harry was in his underwear(of corse) and talking in his sleep, Lou was snoring, Niall was eating his pillow and Zayn is just to quite.

The Next Morning

I was still up and all the boys were finally up.
"I miss Maddie" Lexi said
"We all do, love" Harry said. She smiled so big probably because Harry called her love I couldn't smile or laugh it always reminded me of her and I hated it.
"Hey, Liam, maybe she will wake up with a kiss for her love" Lou said they all looked at me. Paul had texted so I rolled my eyes at them and read the message it said "Hey Liam tell the boys I will give you all another day off because you are still at the hospital. Hope she gets better."
I looked up at them then look at Jade then at the floor. I decided to get up I walked over and leaned down so our lips would touch I felt something against my face, it was her hand we had the best kiss ever and it actually meant something I felt sparks and have butterfly's in my stomach.
I lifted my head away long enough to say, "I am in love with you"
She had the cutest smile ever on her face she said, "I always have been"
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