I'm their stylist,but I love them? (Harry&Liam&Louis Loooooove Story)


1. The Important call/Other

Lilli's P.O.V 

   I was at home when my phone rang. I grabbed my phone and saw it was a call from my best friend that had moved away 3 months ago all the way to the UK. I missed her so much . I quickly unlocked my phone a accepted the call.

"Hello?" I asked 

"LILLIANNA MARIE" Screamed my best Friend,Abby. 

"HEY" I yelled back through the phone.

"Dude,why are you yelling through the phone?" She said.

"Well, Never mind. I miss you sooo much "I said.

"I do too,but remember how you got fired from that styling job at the local salon" Abby asked.

"Ugh Don't remind me.I hated the boss she was a big bitch" I said 

"Well i pulled some strings and I got you a job as a stylist in UK" she said nonchalantly


"yeah well you're flight leaves tomorrow at noon. sound good?" Abby asked.

"HECK YES,wait what about my plane ticket?" I questioned her.

"Don't worry I got it covered"She said. 

"okay bye.See ya soon"I said. 

    When Abby hung up I started to scream with joy. I was so happy about the new job and my seeing my best friend that i haven't seen in 3 months. I better get packing. I packed jeans,sweater/hoodies,sweatpants,shirts,bras and panties.Just the essentials. By the Time I was done It was midnight I had 3 suite cases and 2 carry one bag including my purse. From all that packing I had gotten really Knackered (tired).So I went to the bathroom and stripped into a old shirt and some gym shirt and pulled my long wavy hair into a bun on the top of my head  and fell asleep right when my head hit the pillow on my bed 

   I woke up at 6:30 in the morning.I was about to go back to bed when I remembered that I was going to the UK for a new job.So I got rolled out of bed.literally.    When I got up from the floor I stretched and walked to the bathroom where I started to shower and brush my teeth.  When I walked back to my bedroom with a towel wrapped my naked body.When I looked at out my window I saw my perverted/abusive  ex boyfriend Jacob  perched on a tree  looking into my room

"WHAT.THE.HELL" I screamed. as I tried to run  to run to the blinds,

 I quickly yanked them down the blinds and locked the window.I hated Jacob her is a perverted abuser. I sighed and started to get dressed. I put on a a grey tank top and a red and grey varsity jacket with black skinny jeans with a pair of white,red,and back Jordon's .I brushed my hair and let it go natural i didn't put on any make-up.

 When I walked out the door with my 3 suit cases and 2 carry on bags It was 10:30.I cant wait to see my friend and be out of this hell-hole.I couldn't wait to get out of the states and not see Jacob.   I  put my stuff in my car and Drove to the Airport.


HELLO!! Hi well this is my first story and i know I am probably a terrible writer,but I try and i want to a least get 100 views.Just remember keep Jacob in mind he might come in later in the story....OOOOHHHH Foreshadowing 


Lilli :(:)<----- ITS A PIGGY  


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