*Nialls first love :)*

Nialls first love is a romantic one and hope you guys like it


1. Nialls friendship.

Nialls pov

I've been friends with Jessica for one year know and we're super close but when I'm with my bandmates I miss her so much. We Skype all the time and I'm reall in love with her the only person that knows is Liam. He says I should just ask her out but I'm to shy

Jessica's pov

Me and Niall are best friends and I can be me around him, Louis, Harry, Liam and Zayn cause there all weird like me. I met Niall at a signing and he was like hi love how are you and I said " oh hi I'm your biggest fan" then he said well do you want to come to my hotel after the signing" "yeah what time". Erm about half.four at nandos.
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