Together Forever

Madison and Bea were best friends, but when they both move to two different parrts of the country, what will happen. Will they be reunited, will they make new best friends?


2. New Friends?

Bea's POV.

I got to the airport, and I was really thirsty from all the crying, so I went to the airport's Starbucks and walked in. I bumped into someone, he spilt his coffee on me. "Ouch!" "Oh sorry, I didn't mean to.. uh...?" He mumbled.

"I will buy you another coffee, its alright..." I looked up and realised it was Niall Horan, I thought i recognised that Irish axcent. "No, I should be the one buying you the coffee, to repay you for the spillage!!" he said. "Ok then, thanks." He bought me a coffee and we started talking. "So what you doing here at the airport?" he asked. "Well I am moving to Ireland, on my own." "Oh where abouts in Ireland?" I looked at the details of the estate and looked at the address.

"Mullingar." He looked surprised. "What?..." I said. "That's were I live!" he said. "Aweso-" "GATES ARE NOW OPEN TO THE FLIGHT TO DUBLIN, THANKYOU" "Well thats my flight" I said "Well we can both enjoy the flight together then because that is my flight to!" he said with a happy face. "Ok off we go then!!!"

Madison's POV.

I drove off in my little Polo car and went to the block of flats. It wasn't that far way. I arrived at the place and checked he sheet of paper which had the flat number on it. "109" I mumbled to my self "5th floor".

I walked into the estate, it was really nice, my parents obviously choose the best place for me! Once I got in the lift there was already someone else in there, he had a white tank top on, black skinny jeans and white converse on. I couln't see his face though because he was facing the back of the lift.

He turned around. How could have I not noticed that curly hair. OMG! Harry Styles!!!!!!!!!! "Keep calm and don't fangirl" I whispered to myself. "Pardon??" he said "uuuhhh....nothing" I mumbled

We walked out of the lift and went our seperate ways but I noticed he was on the same floor as me and next door neighbours! "So were next door neighbours!" he said cheerfully "Oh yeah ha!" i chuckled to myself and walked into my flat. Wow I think i'm friends with Harry Styles!!!!


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