Together Forever

Madison and Bea were best friends, but when they both move to two different parrts of the country, what will happen. Will they be reunited, will they make new best friends?


1. Goodbye.

Madison's POV.

This was the worst day of my life. I'm leaving my best friend, moving to a different part of the country. and so is she, oh how I hate my parents. Sending me off to live on my own, I don't have the money!!

"Bea, I will you miss you" I said, while fighting through my tears. "I will miss you too Maddie" I knew she said this even though I could hardly hear her. "Together forever?" I said clearing away my tears. "Together forever!" "Goodbye Maddie" she said while she drove off to the airport to travel to Ireland.

I was going to North London. Great!! But the good thing was that I was living in the same block of flats as One Direction!!!!

I got in the car and cried. Me and Bea have been friends since we was born, why do we have to leave? I only lived about 15 minutes away from my new apartment which was great! I had loads of boxes in my car, how am I going to do this on my own?

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