A Guy Named Avery

A guy named Avery Watson cheats on two girls.... One is a high school mean girl named Katrinna who is cheating on him, too. The other is a girl named Hunter who loves volenteering and helping people.


5. The Argument

Katrinna's POV

I saw Chad walking down the hallway upset. So I went up to him and asked what was wrong. "Hunter kissed Avery in the Boiler Room" he replied crying harder as if saying it made him sad. I looked at him stunned then said "my Avery?" He nodded his head at me. My eyes started to water. A single tear fell off my face and thats when I saw Avery and Hunter talking way down the hall. I wiped the tears off my face and walked down the hall. I didnt want to look like a mess. As I reached Avery I took a deep breath...

Avery's POV

I looked at Hunter. I took in every thing about her. Her deep brown eyes thatlooked beautifull without make-up on, shoulder cut black hair, and her lips were so perfect. Her tears were starting to fade and when she looked up at me I couldnt help but smile. We lookedinto eachothers eyes for another minute. "I love you" I said without thinking. She looked up at me and said "I think I might love you as well." My heart stopped. I was just about to attack her lips when Katrinna walked up.

Hunter's POV

When I saw Avery look at my lips I didnt know what he was planning to do, then Katrinna came up and ruined my dream with Avery. 

Avery's POV

Katrinna seemed calm until she made eye contact with Hunter. It was like an alarm went off in her head and she grabbed my love, Hunter's hair and pulled her across the hallway. Hunter got to her feet and looked at Katrinna for a moment before punching her right in the face. Before Katrinna had time to get back up I jumped in between them. As Katrinna stood up she slapped me in the face. "Whats your problem!" I asked. Before answering she whipped off the blood that had dripped out of her nose. "You kissed that ugly bitch!" she finally replied.

Katrinna's POV

I looked at Avery with anger. The tension in the air was so intense that you could cut it with a knife. Avery broke the silence "Im sorry Katrinna but she isnt a bitch. And I think that me and you should end things." I started to cry... I broke down right in front of Hunter and Avery. And then I relized that I didnt need them. I wasnt going to let them get to me. So I whiped off the tears and walked away from them. I was done with them, forever.

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