A Guy Named Avery

A guy named Avery Watson cheats on two girls.... One is a high school mean girl named Katrinna who is cheating on him, too. The other is a girl named Hunter who loves volenteering and helping people.


6. Question

Hunter's POV

After I got out of my last class I walked to my locker. I was surprised to see Avery waiting for me. When I got to my locker I put in my books and looked at Avery. "Will you go out with me?" He asked out of nowhere. I was shocked by the sudden question but of course I said yes.

Katrinna's POV   

When I was walking out of school with my best friend Hailey I looked over to see Hunter and Avery talking. They giggled at eachother and smiled. I almost puked. But honestly I wanted Avery back.

Avery's POV

When she said yes I was so happy to know that she was all myn that I asked her if she would come over to my house. She looked shocked by the question but she agreed that she would.

Hunter's POV

I had never really went to a guys house before so I was scared but I didnt want to seem like a wimp in front of my new boyfriend so I said yes.

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