A Guy Named Avery

A guy named Avery Watson cheats on two girls.... One is a high school mean girl named Katrinna who is cheating on him, too. The other is a girl named Hunter who loves volenteering and helping people.


4. Heart Break

Chad's POV

Hunter and I promised each other that we would meet at her locker in the morning. But she isnt here... Is she sick? Did she forget? or Is having an affair? Allof these thoughts popped into my head. I didnt know what to think. I decided to call her. When it started ringing I heard a voice say "why are you calling me?" But it wasnt from the phone it was in my other ear. I turned around to see her looking right at me.

Hunter's POV

I thought about telling him but then I thought it would be best if it just never happened. "Where have you been" he asked with a frown. "I was helping some teachers out sorry" I lied. But he saw right through my lie. I knew that I had to tell him the truth. "I was kissing Avery in the Boiler Room" I said. His mouth dropped open. "Is this the first time?" he questioned. "Of course it is I dont know what got into me and I dont have the faintest idea of why I did it because I love you and only you" I answered truthfully. He looked at me as if he didnt believe me. "Im breaking up with you" he said sadly as he turned and walked away.

Avery's POV

As I walked out I followed Hunter to her locker to see Chad there, too. I watched as she told him the truth. I was amazed that she didnt lie. When he broke up with her and she started to cry I walked up to her. "Are you okay?" I asked nicely. She looked at me for a minute and then out of nowhere she hugged me and started crying on my shoulder. Honestly I thought she was gonna slap me.

Huner's POV

When I hugged Avery I felt better. It felt like things made more sense. But thats when I relized that he was the reason Chad broke up with me. I slowly let go of him. "Do you really like me or are you just using me like you do with other girls?" I asked. "I really like you but I do have a girlfriend right now that I would have to get rid of to date you." he replied. I wanted to date Avery now instead of Chad. Chad wasnt even in the picture anymore. If Chad got jealous of me and Avery then thats to bad becaue Chad broke up with me. 

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