A Guy Named Avery

A guy named Avery Watson cheats on two girls.... One is a high school mean girl named Katrinna who is cheating on him, too. The other is a girl named Hunter who loves volenteering and helping people.


1. Everyone's POV (point of view) ;D

Hunter's POV

There is this high school bigshot who think that he can get any girl that he wants. And his name is Avery but that wont ever work on me because I would never cave in if he asked me out. I might like him a little but I know that if he ever did date me, he wouldnt be commited to just me. If he thinks he can get me he is wrong! I'm in love with Chad and I will never break up with him.

Avery's POV

Katrinna has really been yelling at me lately about playing football to much. I think I need a break from her and date someone else. But she has to be nice so she wont yell at me as much as Katrinna. I think Hunter would be the right girl because she never would yell at me. I think she is the nicest person in our school.

Katrinna's POV

Avery doesnt know how to have a girlfriend! He thinks that he can spend more time with his football than me! I desserve better. I'm gonna date someone who is better than Avery! Like Chad! He would never break up with a girl and he is only dating that gross Hunter girl! He needs to be saved by someone who is prettier and better like me!

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