A Guy Named Avery

A guy named Avery Watson cheats on two girls.... One is a high school mean girl named Katrinna who is cheating on him, too. The other is a girl named Hunter who loves volenteering and helping people.


2. Day One

Hunter's POV

I walked into school today to see my boyfriend Chad talking to this popular mean girl named Katrinna. She was twirling are hair with her fingers and totally flirting with him! As if to show her that he was myn I walked over and gently grabbed his face in my hands and kissed him romanticly until Katrinna got tired of watching and left. I slowly let our lips unlock from eachothers. He smiled as he looked down on me and said "well I usually dont get this kind of treatment from you but I wish I did more often." I giggled and looked into his deep chocolate colored eyes. "I got jealous of you with Katrinna so I kissed you so that she would leave but I did enjoy kissing you way more than I enjoyed seeing her leave." I whispered so that nobody could hear us.

Chad's POV

I didnt blamb Hunter for getting jealous about me and Katrinna. I could tell that Katrinna was flirting and I was enjoying it a little because that was the first time that somebody popular had actually showed interest in me. I mean Hunter isnt what some people would call popular I geuss she is kinda a dork. But I love Hunter and I think Katrinna is just trying to either make Hunter or Avery jealous.

Katrinna's POV

I was talking it up with Chad and then his gross girl friend Hunter just swept in and car washed his mouth! I decided to leave because I got kinda jealous. As soon as I left I saw my friend and decided to gossip with them. Before I left Chad behind I took a last glance. I knew I shouldnt have because he was loving her company more than he was enjoying myn. That was the first time that I relized....... I liked Chad Nelson.

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