Final Destination 6.

Yes this is based on the Final Destination (FD) series. I am a bit of a fan and can't wait for the real 6 or 7 to be made! I may repeat some of the deaths from the movies (1-5) but there's only so many things you can do. Enjoy. :) CC welcome in all my movellas.


2. Premonition.

Skis land right in front of the two guys feet. "Thanks Nina, thanks Missie and thank you Leah." Jason says grinning. He allows himself to fall backwards into the snow and straps on his skis. He grabs Steven's arm to get up but ends up pulling him down.

"Thanks man." Steven says sarcastically as he straps on his skis. "Ready?" The girls nod and help the boys up. They climb the stairs together. "Can't believe we're actually here. The worlds scariest and highest ski lift ever. At the world's awesomest ski lodge." Steven laughs. He's just trying to wind up Missie. She's scared easily, especially after her father was killed. And by an ambulance too.

"Shut up Steven." Missie says hitting his shoulder.

"No loose clothing please." Says a worker. "Dismount whenever you feel the need or wait till the end. Keep the tips of your skis pointing up. I'll hold the lift for a few seconds, whilst you jump on then it's straight off. The highest point is a good 15 meters from the ground, I advise you not to jump unless it's an emergency. Any questions?"
"How many can fit?" Missie asks.

"3-4 however if it's your first time I advise 1-2 people. Ok please line up behind the rest of the people." The instructor walks off to the front of the queue and starts letting people on. The queue moves quickly. She walks the opposite way to the exit and grabs the nearest chairlift letting Leah and Steven on. She lets go of the chairlift sending them on their way. A single chairlift arrives. "Oh right I forgot, there's a single chairlift, getting on?" Missie nods and glides her way into the seat, as the instructor lets go Missie attempts to pull down the safety bar. Without success.

"Help!" She yells. The instructor doesn't hear her. "Somebody! Please! The safety bar!" In a panic she starts wriggling about in the chair, it wobbles from side to side.

"Ready Nina?" Jason asks grabing her hand. She shakes her head.

"I can't do this. It's too scarey Jason." Jason nods. "I'm gonna go downstairs." She walks out and down the steps to sit on the bench with a coffee underneath.

"Forgot to mention again, Photos are taken on the way round." The instructor says letting go. Then there's a loud click. Steven and Leah's safety bar breaks off. Steven slips forwards hurtling off the seat, 15 meters above the ground. He tries to grab the seat but lands straight on the ground with an ear splitting crunch. His arm dislocates from his shoulder, he screams in agony. The ski lift continues until the operator hears the scream and stops the lift. It dangles 20 meters above the ground. Leah tucks herself away in the corner of her chair screaming. The familiar engine revving of a snowmobile came closer and closer towards the screaming Steven. The owner has left the vehicle. It's approaching quicker and quicker. Steven tries to get up but he can't. He just can't move.

"Stop! Help!" He yells. Leah's calling out his name. "Leah! Help! Jason!" Too late. The snowmobile slams into his side ripping him apart. The skis cut into his insides. The front bumper does little as a crash protector and the sharp edge cuts open his stomach. Guts and blood pour out onto the snow, dying it a deep crimson. Leah screams as what's left of Steven is carried along with the snowmobile until he's mashed to a pulp and the vehicle explodes.

"Oh my gosh! Get me out of here! Please!" Leah yells. The cushioned part of the seat breaks causing Leah to fall through, screaming. She lands on her back in a box full of ice. The ice cuts through parts of her skin making the ice look like frozen blood. Her ski poles balance above her on the thin metal bar that held the seat. She sighs a breath of relief and manages to sit straight up. The sound of metal snapping causes her to look up. The ski poles fall point first directly towards her face. She screams as the poles penetrate her eyes, pushing through her skull. Nina sips her coffee not noticing what's going on as Jason tries to jump down safely.

"Nina! Nina!" Jason yells. Nina drops her coffee, curses and runs to below Jason's seat. "Nina! You're ok!"

"Yeah, why?" Jason points to the seat ahead, Nina follows his finger. "Leah!" She screams. Noticing the blood she runs over the ice box to be greeted by the body of Leah. She gags and pulls away to throw up.

"Guys! Guys! There's a helicopter! It's gonna get us down!" Missie yells from the single seated ski lift. The helicopter approaches. It's poorly navigated and crashes directly into a tree causing the propellor to rip off, spinning straight towards Missie. It cuts her throat and as it continues to spin taking her head with it. Missie's skis are hurled across the sky straight towards a screaming Jason. He tries to duck but he's too late. The ski pierces his stomache carrying it through his body and spinal cord. The other ski twirls and spins wildly as it races towards Jasons upper body. It slices clean through the skin, organs and spine. His top half falls over the bars into a snow pile whilst his bottom half folds up and lands next to the mashed up Steven. The helicopter propellor drives right into the foundations  of the lodge. It crumbles forwards as Nina is returning to grab her bag. She picks it up as it starts raining bricks. Nina starts running back towards the ice box when the whole lodge completely collapses. The metal of the foundation lands directly on Nina's head, squishing her right into the snow.

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