Final Destination 6.

Yes this is based on the Final Destination (FD) series. I am a bit of a fan and can't wait for the real 6 or 7 to be made! I may repeat some of the deaths from the movies (1-5) but there's only so many things you can do. Enjoy. :) CC welcome in all my movellas.


4. Patterns.

---------------------------------------------A day or so later--------------------------------------------

Nina sips her coffee, too hot she puts it back down on the glass coffee table. "Thanks for inviting us round, Missie." She says, nervous as to why they're there.

"It's ok. Leah said she'll be here soon." Jason and Nina exchange looks.

"Don't mean to be rude, Missie, but why exactly have you invited us here?" Jason asks.

"The premonition Nina had. Have you worked out the order yet?" Missie leans forwards, listening intensely.

"Just about." Nina replies much to Jasons shock. She hasn't told him yet. "Although I think we need to wait for Leah." Missie's phone buzzes she reaches forwards and holds it to her ear.

"Hello? This is Missie speaking."

"Missie? Buzz me in." Missie hangs up the phone.

"Just gonna go buzz Leah in." She says walking to her door and pressing the silver button. "Come in." She says into the intercom. Missie takes her seat again as Nina and Jason sip their coffees. Leah walks in carrying at least six shopping bags and wearing at least three to four inch heels.

"What did you need me for?" She says in a shrill voice that makes Jason check his ears for blood.

"I've just about worked out the order of the deaths." Nina responds. "Steven, Leah, Missie, then it's either Jason or me. I can't remember that part." Leah's shopping bags drop to the floor spilling the contents everywhere.

"I'm next? No way. You have to be joking." Leah says, going from calm to angry.

"Sorry Leah but that's the way the premonition went." Nina explains. Leah places her things back in her bags and walks towards the door with the bags.

"You know what? Who needs your stupid premonition rubbish anyway? It's just you seeking attention!" She slams open the door and storms off down the hall. Jason gets up and follows her to the lift. "Go away Jason." He places his hand in the way of the doors so they cannot close. "Jason leave me alone!"

"She's right. The premonitions are real. I had a dream last night, well more of a nightmare but it was about you." She seems insulted and presses the close door button. Jason places his hand on hers. "You walked out of a room, I was invisible, just a spectator, and you got into the lift. You pressed the close door button then the ground floor one. The doors closed but instead of you going down, you went up. The force of it all caused the ceiling of the lift to collapse. It is an old building, don't forget. A metal sharpened pole pointed straight down. You were screaming and crawled to the lift doors. The pole moved down lower causing you to look up. The metal cut right through your forehead." Jason paints a vivid picture in Leah's mind. "Then I woke up. And this building was exactly the same as the one from my dream. Stay if you want Leah, or come back in and I'll make you a coffee."

"Yeah right. You just made that up to make me go back inside. Well it hasn't worked." She shoves Jason backwards slams the ground floor button and the doors slam shut. The lift begins moving upwards just as Jason mentioned. The ceiling collapses. Leah screams for Jason. Whilst Jason pulls the emergancy call button to bring the lift back. It doesn't work. He calls for Leah. Leah moves towards the lift doors ignoring what Jason said. The lift jolts about making the sharp metal pole move closer to Leah. She looks up just as the pole cuts right through her forehead and jamming her head into the floor of the lift.

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