Final Destination 6.

Yes this is based on the Final Destination (FD) series. I am a bit of a fan and can't wait for the real 6 or 7 to be made! I may repeat some of the deaths from the movies (1-5) but there's only so many things you can do. Enjoy. :) CC welcome in all my movellas.


3. Cheating Death.

"No loose clothing please." Says a worker. "Dismount whenever you feel the need or wait till the end. Keep the tips of your skis pointing up. I'll hold the lift for a few seconds, whilst you jump on then it's straight off. The highest point is a good 15 meters from the ground, I advise you not to jump unless it's an emergency. Any questions?"
"How many can fit?" Missie asks.

"3-4 however if it's your first time I advise 1-2 people. Ok please line up behind the rest of the people." The instructor walks off to the front of the queue and starts letting people on. The queue moves quickly. She walks the opposite way to the exit and grabs the nearest chairlift letting Leah and Steven on. Nina runs in front of the chair.

"Guys we need to leave. Now." She yells, sweating like mad.

"Why?" Leah asks. "I'm here to have fun!"

"This place is gonna collapse and we're going to die." Nina yells, trying to explain what she just saw happen. "I'm not kidding!" Nina grabs Jason's hand and leads him down the steps. Steven sighs and runs after them. Leah and Missie exchange looks before running after them, back to the car park. "Jason it's just like what happened with my dad! One of his co-workers had a... Uh..." She struggles to find the right word.

"Premonition?" Steven suggests leaning on a car to catch his breathe. "That's what happened with my sisters friends. One had a premonition that some giant accident would happen killing everyone. Then that some how Death was hunting them down in the order they were supposed to die." Everyone stares at Steven. He doesn't exactly get along with the group.

"Right. But nothing's even happened." Leah snaps, annoyed about missing their turn. Jason turns back towards the ski lift.

"Holy..." Jason exclaims watching the ski lift collapse piece by piece and the helicopter propellor slicing the building. It falls on the people and snow below. They stare in disbelief. "Car now." He yells grabbing Nina's arm and yanking her towards the car. He shoves her into the passenger seat, runs to the drivers seat, jumps in and starts the car. The others quickly follow into the back seats. Jason speeds off.

"Where are we going Jason?" Leah asks, pretty shaken up. He doesn't respond he's just focused on the road ahead. "Jason?" They all stare at him.

"If this is the same as what happened to our families, there's an order to the deaths. Right?" Missie asks.

"Yeah," Steven replies. "Nina, you had the premonition what's the order?" Nina stares at the road ahead trying to remember the premonition.

"Steven." She says flatly.

"Yeah what?" Missie glares at him. "I'm first? Great. Who's next?" Nina tries her hardest to remember.

"I don't know." The breaks slam on the car. Steven flies forwards smashing into the windscreen, crumpling his body. He smashes through the window, cutting  his body with the shards of glass. The girls scream and Jason just sits there unsure of what to do. Leah, Missie and Nina climb out of the car and pull Jason out.

"My foot wasn't even on the break." Jason says. "It was no way near it."

"It's ok Jason." Nina says hugging him.

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