Perfect as you are

Summer, a high school senior, has gone through self harm and has told her school administrator of her problems. When the school brings those who saved Summer's life to her school, will it be love at first sight like she's always dreamt it would be? What will happen when one of the boys is sent to the hospital on one of the biggest days of the boys' lives? Will there be a happily ever after for Summer?


1. 1

The asb president tapped the mic and the gym went quiet. He glanced at the scrap of paper he held in his hands then crumpled it back into his jeans. "We have a very special treat for you guys today." Great, Summer thought, another awards ceremony for the football team. That's all anyone cares about anyway. Summer sighed and slumped back against her best friends legs who sat in the bleachers behind her. "But first, we need Summer Jackson to follow Mrs. Roberts." All eyes turned to face Summer. What the hell, she thought. What did I do to get in so much trouble that the whole school has to know? She stood up and carefully walked down the creaky bleachers to where Mrs. Roberts was. She put her arm around Summer's back and ushered her out of the gym. The heavy doors shut behind them and Summer turned to look at her principal with worried eyes. "Mrs. Roberts, I don't know what's going on but I can assure..." Summer started rambling. Mrs. Roberts put her hands on Summer's shoulders. "Summer, do you remember about seven months ago? How you came to that meeting?" Summer's heart sank. Why did she have to bring that up? All I want to do is move on and forget the past. Her hands clenched into fists as she tried to keep calm. "Yes. I remember the suicide prevention night. Why?" Mrs. Roberts took a deep breath and released Summer's shoulders. "Good, good. Do you remember your reason for not harming yourself further? What kept you trying to remember that you were special?" Summer racked her brain and was shaking her head 'no' when it hit her. "I said listening to one direction made me feel like they were singing to me. They made me feel loved and as if my life had a purpose. When everyone else told me my life was going nowhere and I should just stop trying, I listened to them and they gave me hope." Summer paused, still confused why this was brought up seven months later. "Why do you ask?"
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