You Changed My Life

Last year, was the last year my dad was the president of the United States, and we have always been a rich family.
My dad is really strict and with my mum we are more close than with my dad. My mum never contradicts my dad because she doesn't like to argue with him. With my two sisters we are really close, we talk everyday and I love to have them.
This is my first year in university and my father want to stay in London this year and then go back to USA.

My life has always been good and it's probably ''perfect'', or that's what I though after I met him...


1. When we first met

It was our first day in London and it was eight o'clock, time for dinner.

''Girls! It's time for dinner'' our mum called us to go down. I was putting my clothes on my new closet.

We go down the stairs and sat in our chair.

''I'm not hungry'' I said.

''Me too'' said my little sister, Jane. She's 16 years old. ''I just want to go out and see how is London''.

''Wait us. When we finish our dinner you can go'' said my father. He was talking about my mum and him.

''Why Ashley didn't come?'' asked Jane. Ashley is my sister, the older. She's 23 years old and I'm 18. Few months ago she get married with Jack and she's studying medicine.

''She said she wanted to stay some days more on New York, she wanted to spent some time with Jack and she has enough money to come here'' said my dad.

''And they are going to have a distance relationship?'' I asked. I knew that they are really in love.

''I think they're going to be some day in New York and other days in London'' said my dad.

Some minutes later they finished eating dinner and I went upstairs to change my clothes. I chose some jeans with a light brown blouse, a white scarf, my brown jacket and my favourite high heels. I put my telephone and some money and we went out.

''Where are we going to go?'' asked Jane to me.

''I don't know'' I laughed. ''We have to see what's here''.

We went to the first Starbucks we saw, it was almost empty. We bought some coffes.

''Wait me here'' I said to Jane. ''I'm going to see some things''.

''Okay but hurry up'' she said and I nodded.

I get out of the Starbucks and I was seeing the clothes that were on the shops when a guy was running and pushed me, we both fell and all my coffee were on my jacket and my jeans now.

''Be careful, please'' I said angry.

''It was an accident'' he said. We both got up from the floor.

''It hurts me'' I said.

''Are you serious?'' he asked. ''You are overreacting''.

''Can't you just say 'sorry'?'' I asked more angry than I was some minutes later.

''Sorry!'' he said, but I knew he wasn't saying sorry from his heart.

''Don't say it in that way!''

''I'm sorry, we could go on a date and I'll pay for you, but please forgive me'' he said.

''Okay, when and where?'' I asked. I knew he didn't wanted to go on a date with me but I just wanted to provoke him.

''Never'' he said. I looked down and saw two keys, I collected them.

''So you won't have this'' I told him moving the keys from left to right.

''Give me my keys'' he said.

''You said you wouldn't go on a date with me. If you say you want, I'll give you the keys'' I said.

''Now you are one more of those girls that want to go out with me'' he said with a big and a flirty smile on his face.

''Stupid'' I said.

''It's a joke. Give me your phone'' he said and I didn't give it to him. ''I'm going to save my number'' I give my phone to him and I save my number on his phone.

''Tomorrow?'' I asked.

''Sure, I'm going to be in your house at 9 'clock'' I nodded and give him his keys.

''Bye Emma'' he said.

''See you tomorrow'' I said to him. When I turned around I couldn't avoid a stupid smile on my face.

I was walking when I remembered that all that time, Jane was on the Starbucks.

When I get in she was there bored playing on her phone.

''Hey!'' I said.

''Where were you?'' she asked seriously.

''I had a problem, I'm really sorry!'' I said to Jane.

''I asked you where were you, not what happened'' she said. ''I'm going to go to house''

''I'm going with you''

''I hope you don't have some problems now'' she said and started to walk quickly.

When we get in the house I went to Jane's bedroom and told her everything.

''Oh my God! Are you serious?!'' she asked. ''Is our first day in London and you have a date? You're awesome Emma!''

''I know'' I said and then I laughed.

''And how was him?'' Jane asked interested.

''Tall, dark hair, I think hazel eyes, but I'm not sure'' I said. ''And a nice voice''.

''Ask him if he has some brother'' she said. ''He was beautiful or not much?''

''I think so...''

''I'm tired'' said Jane.

''Goodnight'' I said to her and get out of her room.

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