A Thousand Miles (On Hold)

Samantha Carlton (Sam) had a huge smile across her face. Her and her best friend, Jenna Laney, were going to see their favorite band in concert!! One Direction!! But what happens when they were on the highway driving to the concert when their car brakes down? They decide to walk, I mean, its One Direction! They took the shortcut through the woods, when they heard a scream for help. They run towards the scream and see one of their favorite role models tied to a tree. What do they do? Who is it? You have to read to find out!


2. New Stars

"Come on, we have to get out of here!" Harry said. Jenna was still crying and I still haven't moved. I'm still shocked. How could this be happening? 

Before I knew it, Harry scooped me up bridal style and was running away. I heard the faint yells of the man we left behind. Jenna was still crying, running a little behind us. Harry stopped in front of a big building. He set me down when we got inside and I still didn't say anything.

"Harry! Where the hell have you been? We need you on stage! Now!" A man came out, grabbing Harry's wrist and yanking him away. He tried getting loose but the man's grip was too strong. 

"Sam? Sammy? Samantha!" Jenna stood in front of me. The past ten minutes were replaying through my head, over and over again. I just met Harry Styles. I just saved Harry's life! Wait, I never told him my name...

"Sam, are you okay?" I snapped back to reality and looked at her. 

"Yeah, I'm fine." I said in a whisper.

"Good, 'cause I'm not! I just nearly died! And more importantly, Harry Styles saw me cry!" I laughed at how she was more worried about Harry than the fact that we nearly got killed.

"Whatever. What about that concert?" She smiled, almost forgetting about the whole concert. She pulled me in, running to our seats. They weren't the best seats, but they weren't the worst either. We could see the stage perfectly fine, but people on the stage wouldn't be able to spot us. 

The lights went dark and the stage lit up. The music started playing and One Direction came out singing 'C'mon C'mon' Harry didn't seem as energetic as he did in other concerts-not that I've been to one, just watched online. He seemed off. It probably had something to do with the scene that happened not very long ago.

Jenna was screaming, jumping up and down. I was clapping and singing along. When the concert finally finished, I remembered we had to walk. It was near midnight. Normally, I'd be all for it, but now... I was scared out of my pants. 

"Hey, Jenna, I think I'm going to call my mom for a ride." I said as we stepped outside. The night was silent. Besides the still screaming girls inside.

"I thought she said you couldn't come? Won't you get grounded? Will she kick me out?!" She's right. My mom said I wasn't allowed to come to the concert, because it was too dangerous without an adult. She still acts like I'm five. Jenna's parents kicked her out last month, so she's living with me. My mom, surprisingly, trusts her more than her own daughter. Probably because she know's Jenna won't do anything stupid like me because she's a scared-y cat, and I'm a risk taker. 

"She wouldn't kick you out, besides, would you rather walk?" She looked down.

I took out my phone and punched in my moms number. She picked up after the second ring.

"Hey mom, can you pick me and Jenna up."

"Sure, where?" She said from the other line. Oh boy, here it comes.

"The concert." I said quietly. 

"I'm sorry, what did you say. I could have sworn I heard you say you went to that concert?" She said, knowing exactly what I said.

"Mom, I'm sorry. Can you please pick us up? Jenna's car broke down on the highway so we walked but it's really dark now..." I said, pleading .

"What did I tell you about that concert? Sam, I swear you never listen to me! When I get there, you and Jenna are both grounded!" She said sternly, then hanging up. When my mom grounds you, you'd wish you were dead. It's torture. 

"What'd she say?" Jenna said nervously beside me. I sighed and looked at her.

"We're both grounded."

"What? Why me? What did I do?" She played stupid, sounding like an innocent five year old.

"You knew I wasn't allowed and you took me anyway. I guess you get in trouble too." I stated the obvious. She just whined the slumped down on the grass.

"What are you doing?"

"Sitting down. She won't be here for another hour." I sighed, forgetting how long it took us to get here, besides the last 20 minute walk. I lied down next to her and looked up at the shimmering stars above us. It looks like more stars grow every night. One of those stars is my dad, looking down at me. I wonder if he's proud. Or disappointed?

I started thinking about Harry. Do I want to see him again? Will it be awkward? I think I'll just lay low and let it go. Yeah... that sounds good. 

~Harry's Point Of View~

We finished the concert and ran off stage. I grabbed my water bottle and gulped it down. 

"Hey, mate, you see off. What's up?" Louis said, putting his arm over my shoulders. I sighed.

"That guy, he uh... kidnapped me again." I said, tears welling up in my eyes. It wasn't the first time something like that happened. I don't know why those people thought it was okay to release him from jail. The first time, he didn't just take me, he took Liam and Niall too. 

Louis eyes went wide. "What!?! How the hell did you escape?" He exclaimed. I started thinking about that girl. I didn't even know her name. 

"Well, this girl and her friend kind of saved me..." I said, still thinking of her. I wasn't distracted because crazy man decided to steal me, I was distracted by her. She was flawless. Perfect. I couldn't shake the thought of her out of my mind.

"Ooo! You like this girl, don't you?" He coo's knowingly. I roll my eyes and walk to the dressing rooms. He follows me and continues to talk. "She's hot, isn't she? Harry's got a girlfriend, Harry's got a girlfriend!" He sung. I hit him upside the head and scowled at him.

"I do not. I don't even know her name." He stopped singing and his eyes dropped. Not even a second later his face lit back up like he just came up with a master plan.

"Then we shall find her!" He said, throwing his fist into the air, talking like they did in the medieval times.

"And how do you expect to do that if we don't even know her name?" 

"Don't forget, Haz-Bear, I'm Louis Tomlinson." I rolled my eyes at him once again and start thinking of her again. What can't I get this girl out of my head? Oh right, she saved your life dumb-ass! And you don't even remember to get a lousy phone number? Or even her name? What has gotten into you lately! Aye.

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