A Thousand Miles (On Hold)

Samantha Carlton (Sam) had a huge smile across her face. Her and her best friend, Jenna Laney, were going to see their favorite band in concert!! One Direction!! But what happens when they were on the highway driving to the concert when their car brakes down? They decide to walk, I mean, its One Direction! They took the shortcut through the woods, when they heard a scream for help. They run towards the scream and see one of their favorite role models tied to a tree. What do they do? Who is it? You have to read to find out!


1. Prologue

Sam's POV 

"Why don't you look excited?" Jenna exclaimed, glancing over to me from the drivers seat.

"I am, it's just, I don't know... something just doesn't feel right." I answered, gazing out the window towards the woods just beside us. We were on a highway, driving to a One Direction concert. Lucky me, right? No. Yes I do love One Direction, Harry preferably  but I already had a headache from my annoying little sister and I'm not up for the screaming and yelling of hundreds of teenage girls.

Just then, Jenna's car began to make funny noises as if it were farting. Jenna's face instantly turned as she began to pull over. 

"COME ON JULIE, NOT NOW!" She yelled at her car. Once the car came to a complete stop, we were on the side of the highway. I let out a big sigh.

"Told you we should have taken my grandma's car" I said, opening my door. She rolled her eyes and got out too.

"But her car smells bad! It smells like old lady!" She whined. I laughed and shook my head. 

"How can you laugh?! We're going to miss the most amazing concert in the world and you're laughing!?!" She started freaking out. I think I remember a shortcut through the woods... now how am I going to convince 'scaredy cat' Jenna to come?

"We can walk..." I said. She looked at me like I was crazy.

"There's a shortcut through the woods..." I said, my words trailing of. She began shaking her head violently.

"No! No way I am going through the woods!! I've seen enough horror movies to know what happens when you go through the woods! I'm not dying until AFTER I meet One Direction!"

"Fine, I'll just go without you." I spun around on my heel and slowly began making my way to the woods. It was kind of dark out now, the concert starts around eight and right now it's seven-thirty. 

"Wait!" She called out to me, right before I stepped into the dark, grey woods. I turned around, a smirk playing on my lips. She rolled her eyes and jogged over to me and we started walking side-by-side. 

"If I die tonight it is all your fault." I giggled at her, she was always so sure her life was going to turn into a horror movie. 

"You're not going to die, Jenna" I stated.

"You don't know that" 

"Whatev-" I was cut off by a scream. Sounded somewhat girly but manly at the same time. We looked at each other funny then heard it again.

"HELP!!!" It shrieked. 

"OH GOD! I told I was going to die tonight" Jenna said, already shaking. I started running towards the scream in the direction I was sure it came from.

"What're you doing?! Sam!" Jenna was yelling. I motioned her to follow and she let out a deep sigh and came towards me.

"HELLO?" I yelled, seeing if the person would here me.

"HELLO?! YES OH MY GOD! OVER HERE!!" The voice yelled back, ovious excitement. I felt like I was about to be like superwoman. Saving the world! I ran over and saw a boy with very curly hair, and a smile spread across his face when he saw me. He was tied to a tree.

"Hi! Can you please untie me?" Oh. My. God. That's Harry Styles. I just stood there. So did Jenna. Her jaw was dropped to the ground while, as for me I just stood there.

"Hello?" He said, snapping me into reality. I hurried over to him and untied his hand and then his legs. I'm surprised I could get myself to move. 

"Thank you! Now let's run!" He grabbed my wrist and began to run opposite of the direction we came in. Jenna was following us close behind. Then she started screaming. Harry and I stopped and saw someone took a hold of Jenna and now is holding a knife to her neck.

"JENNA!" I yelled. A tear already escaped my eye. Harry finally let go of me and ran over to Jenna and the man who was holding her.

Harry pulled back his fist and punched the man in the jaw. He fell to the ground, loosing all balance while Harry pushed Jenna over to me.

The man started to get up and had blood dripping from his lower lip.

"You will pay for that Styles!" He threw his fist to Harry who ducked just in time and luckily dodged it. Then I spotted something shiny laying on the ground. He must have dropped the knife when Harry punched him. I quickly dove for the knife, grasping the wooden handle and sticking it behind the man's knee. He fell to the ground in pain, not able to move his leg. So much blood was coming out, I can't believe I was even able to do that.

Jenna was crying and Harry was panting for breath. I was in total shock. I felt paralyzed.


a/n Heyy this is just the prologue... let us know what you think!!! Please comments, fave, and like! That's if you like it of course... ;)

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