Summer Vacation

Janette is a rich, pretty, and nice Directioner. And she has the best summer vacation ever planned out perfectly for her and her BDF (Best Directioner Friend), Rochelle! To travel around the country, basically stalking One Direction where ever they went until they got the perfect chance to meet them. All of that is ruined though, by the boy's summer vacation plan! They plan on traveling all around Italy and having the time of their lives! Rochelle wants to back out of their plan and have a normal summer, but Janette is determined to keep it going!


2. Summer Time

     I closed my now-empty locker for the last time. I was happy about this. Next time this year I'll be ending my first year of college, hopefully successfully!

     I walked out of the glass double-doors of New Ridge High School with a million thoughts all pulsing  through my head. I ignored every single one of them and focused my attention on Rochelle who was waiting in the passengers seat of my shiny, red, Lamborghini Aventador. It was a gift from my parents on my 18th birthday. 

     I must say, I'm spoiled! But that doesn't mean that I'm some mean, stuck-up, barbie like most of the other girls in my school are. I'm a down to earth person and I guess that's why I'm kind of a nerd!

     I hopped in the front seat of my car and turned on the radio. 'Live While We're Young' by One Direction just happened to be playing! Rochelle and I looked at each other and laughed. It reminded us of what our summer was going to be all about!

     This summer our plan was to do anything it took to meet One Direction personally! It probably meant us traveling cross-country, but we were willing to it because this was out last summer before college!

     "Hey Rochelle, check twitter! The boys might have updated something about their summer plans!" I said to Rochelle.

     She whipped out her phone and started to press some stuff that I couldn't see.

      "You on Twitter yet?" I asked her.

     "Yeah, I'm checking the boys new tweets right now!" she responded.

     She kept looking at her phone and pressing on things until she looked up at me and said, 

     "There's something you might want to see about the boys..."

     I pulled over and se handed me her phone. I took and looked a tweet from Louis. It read:

"Going to have the best summer ever with the boys! We're going to be traveling all around Italy! Can't wait to meet some Italian fans!"

     "And look; It's re-tweeted by Niall, Liam, Zayn, Harry, and even Paul! It MUST be true!" Rochelle said with a sad look on her face. You could tell that she thought that our whole summer plan was completely ruined. I decided to cheer her up! With the help of my parent's money of course!

     "That's awesome!" I said.

Rochelle's P.O.V.

     "That's awesome!" Janette said. I must've looked at her like she was crazy because she then explained.

     "The boy's summer plan is to go to Italy right?! And our summer plan is to meet the right?! Therefore we are traveling to Italy!" she exclaimed.

     "We can't just jump up and travel to Italy all of the sudden! That plan is crazy! Why don't we just stay here in New Ridge and have a normal, boring summer!" I protested.

     "That's just the point though! We don't really want to have a normal, boring summer do we?! We want to have a fun, exciting summer! It's a good idea, really! And you know just as well as I do that my parents can -and will- pay for the whole trip! And think of all of the good Italian shopping we can get in!" 

     She had me convinced. I'm glad the girl was studying to become a lawyer, because she was a damn good one! I eagerly smiled at her and she knew that meant yes. She smiled and sped off to her house so we could pack.

     This summer was going to be great!

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