Summer Vacation

Janette is a rich, pretty, and nice Directioner. And she has the best summer vacation ever planned out perfectly for her and her BDF (Best Directioner Friend), Rochelle! To travel around the country, basically stalking One Direction where ever they went until they got the perfect chance to meet them. All of that is ruined though, by the boy's summer vacation plan! They plan on traveling all around Italy and having the time of their lives! Rochelle wants to back out of their plan and have a normal summer, but Janette is determined to keep it going!


1. Are You Ready?

Janette's P.O.V.

     It was finally the last period of the day and it just couldn't go on long enough! After this last class was over, I was free to go home and do whatever I wanted- for the rest of the summer!

     I felt a slight tap on my back and looked behind me at my best friend, Rochelle and she smiled at me and handed me a note. I unfolded the paper and read:

"Look at the clock! It's almost time! Are you ready?"

     I did what the note said and looked at the clock that was hanging crooked on the wall of the classroom. It was 2:37- eight minutes left in class.

     I looked back at Rochelle and smiled at her, answering the question that she had asked in her note. She smiled back, but with a much more excited smile than mine. Her smile was the ear-to-ear smile that I loved. I don't know anyone else who can smile as big as Rochelle can!

     I  must have spent a lot of time day-dreaming because, next thing I knew, I was listening to the loud school bell instead of my own thoughts.

     Rochelle was immediately standing next to me with her books in her arms, urging me to grab my things from my desk quicker.



     Sorry for the short chapter! I'm probably gonna do a lot of chapters really short, and I'm sorry about that, but I'm not very good with long chapters! I'm also not going to update a lot! I'm even more sorry about that, so I'll promise you to update as much as possible!

Much love,

Caitlin H.

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