Never Ending

Hannah is moving to Holmes Chapel soon and doesn't know anyone, shes 18 and hates the new boyband One Direction.


4. Woah bro?

Hannahs POV

I walked into the airport,somehow Harry was holding my hand."Harold!"His sister slapped his arm."Were here to look for some girl and mum!"She scolded him."Well,you have to go...."I said pretending to be sad."I uh I dont "He stuttered."Harry!!!"A woman in her thirtys ran up to her.All of a sudden I looked up and saw screaming girls with Harry's name."We need to look for your step sister"The woman said."Mom meet Hannah-Leigh"Harry interrupted her."But call me Hannah!"I butted in.Harry grasped my hand tighter."Thats your stepsister,Harold"She whispered."It's my what?"He said in disbelief."Hey! I'm no it!"I said holding Harry's hand tighter."But"He trailed off and looked into my eyes.His eyes are beautiful,emerald.

Harrys POV

Hannah's my stepsister.I looked into her eyes.They were deep blue.They started to sparkle,with tears.They soon changed into a light blue."How?'I asked still looking into Hannah's eyes."Her father is my husband."The woman softly said to him."I told you not to get to close to GIRLS on the plane,Harold!"Gemma scolded Harry."But.."Was all I could say."It's fine,I'll just go"Hannah said walking towards my mum."I'm Anne, by the way."My mum said.Hannah just rolled her eyes and let go of my hand and walked on."Great,I cant get along with my stepdaughter,Harold"She said jokingly."It's not funny mum,I actually thought I'd stay with Hannah."I say meaning it.


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