Never Ending

Hannah is moving to Holmes Chapel soon and doesn't know anyone, shes 18 and hates the new boyband One Direction.


2. What if.

*Hannahs POV*

Today was the day. I waved by to no one. My mum was away at work, of course. I made sure I had everything, including the plane ticket to Holmes Chapel.As soon as I made it to the airport I boarded the plane I instantly fell asleep and never looked back.

*Anne Cox's POV*

I waited at the airport for my fiances daughter.I had a son, Harry, they boarded the same plane. I dont think she knows him. He said her name was Hannah-Leigh. But I should call her Hannah.To tell you the truth I was pretty nervous. Gemma was on the plane with Harry. But what if they dont get along. What if they hate eachother? What if. What if. What if. I need to calm down.Thats what I need to do. I patiently waited.

*Hannahs POV*

I woke up to 'It Girl' By Jason DeRulo. Wow Pandora knows me. I looked at the seat across of me and saw a curly haired boy.He was staring at me, as if we knew eachother. I looked at the girl bu his side. They looked alike, must be brother and sister."Excuse me miss, would you lik a drink" A flight attendant said interrupting me." Oh uh sure,and when are we landing?" I added. " Okay miss" She says walking away. " Uhh, whatever" I say rolling my eyes." 1 more hour" The curly hair boy said. I nodded my ead thanks and looked out at my window. " Miss? Miss? Miss!? Missssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????" I finally heard the flight attendant scream at me. I unplugged my earphones. " Yes?" I say sarcastically."Your drink" She says trying to hold in her anger. Okay I couldnt help it, but I stood up and pretended to trip over my make-up bag.The water spilled all over her.The curly hair boy laughed at me." Shut up" I say winking.He winked back. " I'm so sorry ma'am!" I exclaimed." Its fine: she says taking a deep breath." Here let me help you"The curly hair boy said to her." Why thank you young fella" She said blushing. " Agh" he said letting her go. I couldnt help but laugh, this lady was in her ear;y 30's! This curly hair boy was in his teens, I think about 18 or 19? The flight attendant went away. " Thanks" I giggled to the curly man."No problem babe" He said in a cute british accent." Harry, c'mon sit down" The girl he was with said to him." Thanks Harry" I say winking at him. " Wait Gemma please!"Harry turned at looked at her.

Harrys POV

"Fine 5 minutes"My sister finally said."Whats your name lovely?" I asked her." Hannah-Leigh, but call me Hannah" She said sitting in her seat.I sat down next to her." I gave her my phone." Put your number in it" I pleaded. " Why?" She said blushing." I need help" I begged." With what?" She said looking at my phone." Your pranks are awesome, and I need to learn some of them" I say." Fine" She said putting her contact in my phone. She gave me her phone." Why thank you" I say looking into her eyes.Deep blue, like the ocean.


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