Never Ending

Hannah is moving to Holmes Chapel soon and doesn't know anyone, shes 18 and hates the new boyband One Direction.


3. Love ya like a friend.

Harrys POV
I took her phone and put me under Harry<<33(:. Haha.

Hannahs POV
WE talked until the plane ride was over."Well it was truly nice meeting you!" i gave him quick kiss on the cheek."Really I enjoyed it, alot!" He said emphasizing the word alot. I giggled. " Whos here to pick you up?"He asked me. " My step mum to be:( I said sadly. Oh well I'd love to meet her." He said hopefully. Yaaay! I wont be alone. "Yes,wonderful" I say hiding my excitement..

*Sorry short chapter,,, WRITERSS BLOCK:(
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