The Hungry Hungry Niallpillar

Ally couldn't believe it! One direction, her favorite band EVER is holding auditions to find girls to appear in their movie! This was absolutely the perfect opportunity to show 1D how much of an ultimate fan she is! With the help of her best friend Gale, Ally will do the impossible. This experience would bring her to the luv of her life and more happiness than she could ever ask for. But when everything falls, will she have the strength to pull it back up?


1. boring old day on the compute...OH MY GOD

Ally's POV.

     Rain, rain and more rain. I stared out of my little square window as I lie in bed. I had only lived here a month and it has only been bad weather. It used to always be sunny in Orlando, where I used to live. I'm such a cheery person, I am gonna have to get used to it. I guess I just have to deal with it. Anyway, I sat up in bed and looked around my tiny studio apartment and surveyed the amount of cleaning that would have to be done. My apartment in Orlando was always clean. I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair. Wait, I ran my fingers through my hair! That means I forgot to put it in a braid before I went to bed! I wouldn't even be able to get  a brush through it today. It dosn't really matter I guess, I'm not going anywhere today, with all this weather. After knotting my hair into a messy bun, I went to my closet, opened it, and stood there pondering on what I should wear. Finally i chose some ripped jean shorts and a hot pink sweatshirt from 1D world. Next, I reached for the object that would be my entertainment for the entire day, my laptop. I had taped and stuck pictures of One Direction, and I went to go get some tape so I could tape down the loose edges. I took some time to make sure none of the pics would pop up again for a while I sat down on my bed with it and plugged a power cord into it, just to make sure that the battery didn't die. My battery hardly ever died on my laptop in Orlando. No, i had to stop this. I couldnt keep compairing this life to my old one in Orlando!

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