No Escape

A 16 year old girl , Hallie , is dating Harry. She has being hiding something from him , he knows it , but she wont tell him. Will this one mistake Hallie is hiding ruin their relationship ?


1. The Mistake


Hallie's Pov

Its 4am and im pacing from one side of the room to another , i need to tell someone , but i dont know who. I dont know if i should tell him. He has woken by my pacing. "Babe , is everything alright , he says in a disgruntle tone. I dont answer , he gets out of bed and sees me standing there , tears are flowing down my face , he runs over , grabs me and wipes my tears away. His hands are smooth and warm. "Hallie , tell me what is wrong" this time he is calm. "I-I- you wont understand" We move to my bed , i begin to undress myself , then Harry stops me. "Hallie , we cant do this , not when you are like this.""I need it Harry , i cant do this anymore." I look down and just want to run away , but i know i have to tell him. "Harry , im really sorry , i promise it didnt mean anything .. I was just upset and Lou was there." "HALLIE WHAT DID YOU DO!?" I -I .. slept with Lou."


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