19 year old jasmin and shannon go to England for the summer and jasmin meets a specal boy louis tomlinson everything is perfect will something tear them apart or will everyting work out


2. Call

i walked away in a daise not really known where i was i couldnt believe what had just happened the Louis Tomlinson had kissed me and give me is number and i didnt dream it this time it actually happened Shannon woke me from my dy dream by handing me my drink and i drunk it too fast " i think we should go home" Shannon said and i agreed. we got in the taxi and i asked my selve if he really wanted me to call him. Thats when Shannpn noticed thenumber on my hand "oohhhh" she teased " who give you their number? is he cute?" i just ignored her and she give up, we arrved at the houe and  paid the taxi man wow £4.50 that was dear when we walked in he door i told shannon i was sick and that i was going to bed "ok" she said

I walked to bed and changed into jammies shorts and a vest top all i could hear from down staires was the simpsons theme tune and i laughed to my selve me and shannon used to hd a dance to that, i started to think about louis should i call him tonight? would he want me to? i thought and thought about it and decieded i would call him since i seen him leave the club early.

*Louis POV*

i went home an sat in my bed beside the phone waiting for Jasmin to call (i heard her friend say her name when she first walked him so i knew it) or for the boys to come home what ever happened first, i was lying in my bed thinking she wouldnt call me tonight she was still probally at the club and wouldnt get a chance to call me until tommorow and i didnt even know if she had a boyfriend we didnt get to talk a lot, i as about to to go to sleep when the phone ran my heart stopped what if this was her "Hello" i said

*Jasmins POV*
"Hello" he said and that one word made my heart stop "oh um hi" i said " i was just calling because i kinda needed to hear your voice sorry if thats weird but its tue" i said " i know how you feel ive been by the phone all night waiting for you but i thought you would still be at the club" he replied and i couldnt believe it he felt the same even thou we just met " i need t see you" he said "when" can i come over to your house" he asked "amm my room mate is still here she just went to bed" "ill be quiet" he said and i had to laugh at that ok come over and if you get caught im saying you were trying t rob us ok" he laughed and it was the most amazing sound "ok deal" he said and with that he hung up omg Louis Tomlinson was coming over to see me what should i do there was no point in getting changed so i just lay there and waited

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