19 year old jasmin and shannon go to England for the summer and jasmin meets a specal boy louis tomlinson everything is perfect will something tear them apart or will everyting work out


1. First sight

"JASMIN, JASMIN,JASMIN CAN YOU BELIEVE IT WE ARE GOING T ENGLAND TODAY AHHHHHHH" my bestfriend Shannon shouted "No i really can't" me and shannon jumped around and around holding each others hands. This was going to be the best summer of my life. "Jasmin and Shannon get down here NOW your going to be late" my mother said so me and shannon ran down staires. "ok girls i will leave you off at the airport and you have to call me every night do you understand, "yes" we both replied at the same time. we got our suitcases and put them in the car then got into our selves. I sat in the back and Shannon was in the front and i started thinking about what me and Shannon looked and how different we looked, we both had brown hair but i had brown eyes too, she had blue eyes, she had freckles and i didnt we were both around the same hight and size.

Before i knew it we were at the airport, we both got out and my mum helped us in with our suitcases and left us alone to get on the plane. when we got on i fell staright to sleep not realizing how tired i really was, i woke up and we were just stopping at the airport in England "can you believe it" shannon said " we are finally here" " I no, this is going to be the best summer ever"

we got into a taxi when we left the airport and we went to our house (my auntie lives in England and she give us our house while she went to Flordia for the summer) we walked into the house and threw our bags down and ran to the beds arguing over who got what bed when we decieded just to put them both together. one bed was a double and one was a single.We then got the idea to go out that night to the club down the street. so we got up and ready.

when we got to the club i seen five boys and i couldnt believe it i knew who they were it was one direction they were all laughing and having fun except one Louis he was sitting trying to act like he was having fun but he wasnt and you could tell. Shannon tried to get me to dance but i just kept looking at Louis sitting down trying to please the boys by faking a smile. I so wanted to go over to him and try figer out what was wrong with him but i couldnt find the balls to.

Shannon asked what i wanted to drink and i told her coke and vodka, when she left to get the drinks i found the balls to go over to him and ask him what was wrong. i went over " hi" i said he looked up out of his eye lashes that were really long and totally cute, "hi" he said and sighed probaly thinking i was going to ask him for a picture or to sign something but i didnt i sat down beside him and said "what wrong you look so unhappy" he looked u surprised thats that was what i said and he replied "my girlfriend broke up with me" i gasped and asked why not really meaning to "amm because she likes some one eles i think" "oh, im sorry" " no its ok i fell better now, i really do" and for the first time all night i could see that he actually did look happy. I seen Shannon walking around probally lookin for me and i went to get up to her but Louis graped my wrist and pulled me back down.

*Louis POV*

i couldnt let her walk away but i could see her friend looking for her so i knew i had to, but she was so pretty and she looked amazing in that little tight pink dress, so when she went to walk away i garped her back down and kissed her passionatly and then i wrote my number on her hand as she walked away. i knew it was stupid but i actually felt sad again as she walked away and looked back at me like she wanted to stay with me and not her friend. I couldnt take it any more i had to go home and hope she would call me.

* aurthors note*
Hey guys im sorry if you dont like it so far but it will get better this is my firsst fan fiction so im just trying to work with what i can please comment if you want me to update and i will.

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