Little Things

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  • Published: 1 Jan 2013
  • Updated: 22 Aug 2013
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Just an average American teen goes into NY and sees a One Direction concert. She doesn't really like them, but her best friend Sydney does. She goes with her to a concert and thinks that the guys seem like brats. After the concert, she decides to drive herself to the Coffee Shop she passed on her way to the show. As she pulls out, she almost hits One Direction's Harry Styles! She stops just in time, gets out of the car, and realizes she almost hit Harry. Harry was running away from two fans when he went by her car, and now asks her to help him get away. She says 'Fine' and then starts to fall for him. She tells him that it's not the popularity that's important, but the Little Things that guys do that makes them special. Harry decides that she's worth the time. But the problem is, the rest of the band thinks that Harry has been kidnapped! Harry finds them and they meet her. But Harry starts to overreact to everything about her. She is mad that he is taking away her freedom.


4. The Concert

"Hey, Birthday Girl!" Sydney brought in some pancakes for me.

"Oh, gosh! Thanks, girl." I gave her a little side hug.

"Today's the day!"


"The One Direction concert! AHH!" She jumped up and down on the bed.

"Relax! What should I wear?"

"Oh, crap! Your present!" She reached out from behind her back and handed me a huge box.

"Oh, wow!" I started to open the package. It contained: A One Direction shirt, earrings, and socks, a little sign that said "DEDICATED DIRECTION RIGHT HERE" and a little One Direction pen.

"Like the stuff?"

"Heck to the yes!" I laughed and hugged her again.

"We need to go get your licence! Go get ready!"

"I need to eat!"

"Bridge, there is no time to eat!"


"BRIDGE! Get ready!" She ran out of the room screaming for joy.


We got my licence, and so I drove us to the concert in the car Lori let me borrow.

"This is SO excited!" Sydney jumped up and down for joy. "AH! THERE IS HARRY!" She held up her sign that read: MRS. STYLES IS RIGHT HERE, HARRY!

They sang there songs and Sydney went crazy! Afterwards, we decided to drive serperatly since I needed to stop off and get some clothes and Sydney was tired.

"See ya, girl. Thanks for the awesome night!" I gave her a huge hug.

"It was amazing. Oh my gosh, it was amazing!"

"Yep, amazing!!See you later!" I walked down the alley way towards my borrowed car. I got it, changed out of the One Direction stuff, and just looked at it.

"Stupid crap." I thought it was cute that Sydney had gotten all of that. It was so funny.

I put the car in reverse and as soon as I started to go, a figure was in the way. I slammed on the brakes as fast as I could and got out. I had hit the person.

"I am so sorry!" I went over and helped the person up.

"No, it's my fault for being stupid." He had an English accent, which was kinda cute.

"Well, ok."All of a sudden I heard a group of screaming girls coming threw the alley way.

"Help me!" He ran over to the car and got it.

"Excuse me?" I also got in the car.

"Look, you owe me."

"Fine, I see. A fan trying to chase after One Direction?"

"No, not at all." The girls started to run by, so he ducked down, pulling me down too.

"WHAT? You are Ha-" He put his hand over my mouth and said "Shh!"

"You...are...Harry Styles...?"

"Yeah, I'm Harry. Would you help me?"

"Fine. But for my friend, not for you."

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