Little Things

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  • Published: 1 Jan 2013
  • Updated: 22 Aug 2013
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Just an average American teen goes into NY and sees a One Direction concert. She doesn't really like them, but her best friend Sydney does. She goes with her to a concert and thinks that the guys seem like brats. After the concert, she decides to drive herself to the Coffee Shop she passed on her way to the show. As she pulls out, she almost hits One Direction's Harry Styles! She stops just in time, gets out of the car, and realizes she almost hit Harry. Harry was running away from two fans when he went by her car, and now asks her to help him get away. She says 'Fine' and then starts to fall for him. She tells him that it's not the popularity that's important, but the Little Things that guys do that makes them special. Harry decides that she's worth the time. But the problem is, the rest of the band thinks that Harry has been kidnapped! Harry finds them and they meet her. But Harry starts to overreact to everything about her. She is mad that he is taking away her freedom.


7. Building Trust


I couldn't help being to protective over Bridget. She mean't too much to me. I wouldn't let some guy take advantage of her smalless.

"Harry?" Bridget came into the room holding two mugs of tea.

"Yeah, beautiful?"

"Here." She handed me a mug.

"Thanks." I gave her a little smile. I gave her a little kiss just as Charles came in.

"Sir, may I interrupt?"

"No." I tried to control myself.


"Bridget, don't."

"Sir, if I may. I have a trust ex-"

"Charles! Leave us, now." I snapped at him.

"Yes, sir."

"W-Wait!" Bridget got to her feet, I reached out for her wrist, holding her still.

"Bridget, I told you to stop."

"Charles, what is the idea?"

"Charles, I demand that you leave." I got to my feet, grabbing Bridget's arm as I did so.

"Char-" I didn't let her finish. I grabbed her arm and pulled her to my room, locking the door.

"Charles, don't even speak to her." I demanded.

"Harry! Let me out!" Bridget banged on the door.

"If you say one word, you are fired. I'm taking the key." I lifted it up to his face. I put it in my pocket and went over to the coach, turning on the TV.


I decided that I needed to get out of the room. I saw a window of opportunity, literally. I went over to the window, observing a staircase for an emergency. I went over to the window and quietly opened it. I got my purse and slowly got out of the condo. I jogged in the grass and decided I'd go somewhere. I got a taxi and was soon off to explore. Finally, fresh air.

I stopped off at a little resturant. I saw the familiar van. I walked in and saw three boys, quite well disgused, sitting in the back booth. I went over and joined them.

"Hey! Where's Harry?" Zayn said quietly.

"Him? He's at the condo."

"Woah! He let you go alone!" Liam laughed. I smiled.

"We better go back." Niall said.

"Nah, you guys go on. I need some fresh air."

"Ok. See ya." They all said. I was left in the booth, which was fine by me. I kind of needed to be alone for a while. Not even with Harry.


I looked at my computer screen, but I looked up when the boys came in.

"Hey!" They said at the same time. I looked at each of their faces. They thought something was funny.

"What is it?" I looked at them all again.

"We're proud of you!" Liam said.

"W-What? Why?"

"Because you let her go somewhere by herself!" Niall exclaimed.

"Who are you talking about?"I was totally lost.

"Bridget! You let Bridget go by herself!" Liam said.

"Uh, no I didn't. She is in the bedroom." I knodded my head towards the door.

"Uh, are you sure? 'Cause we just saw her." Zayn stepped forward. I jumped up from the coach and went over the unlock the door. My eyes scanned the entire room. She was not here, that was for sure.

"I have to go." I grabbed the van keys and went towards the door.

"Harry, let her go. She was happy."

"Guess what my answer is..." I looked at everyone. "Never."

I started the van and immediately went to the resturant. I saw her in the back booth, talking with the waitor. I walked towards her, she saw me and jumped up immediately. I grabbed her wrist.

"We're going, now." I got out my wallet to pay the waitor.


I couldn't think of what to do. I sat on the seat as Harry paid. I didn't want to go back the condo. I loved Harry, but he just didn't trust me. I wasn't happy about that. I looked for the nearest exit. I got up slowly, drinking a gulp of water. Harry looked up at me, and then back down to the check.

I decided to take my window of opportunity and stepped on his foot as hard as I could and then ran the other way, towards an exit. He gave the waitor a ten, told him to keep the change, and chased me.

I ran to a taxi, shut the door, locked it, and told the guy to drive.

"Ex-boyfriend?" He asked.

"No, an over protective current boyfriend."

"Ouch. Just drive, huh?"

"Yeah." I looked back and saw Harry in the van, right behind us. "Do me a favor and lose him, would you please?"

"Of course, Ma'am. I have a daughter."

"Thanks so much." He drove quickly and was quite a bit ahead of Harry. "Stop up there. I'll run."

"Got it, Ma'am. Good luck solving your issues."

"Thanks." I got out money before he stopped.

"No, no! My pleasure."

"Thanks so much!" I jumped out and started to sprint away.

"Bridget!" Harry shouted at me as he slammed his door and chased after me. The taxi driver was there in case it got serious, I guess. He was a dad, after all.

I ran as fast as I could. I finally went to a tree and started to climb as fast as I could.

"Bridget, stop now. Get down here!" He was furious.

"Why would I? You're going to force me in the room again!" I kept climbing higher and higher. I didn't look down.

"Bridget! I just want to protect you." He continued to shout.

"By making me miserable? Fun!"

"Bridget, please. Just come on." He didn't shout this time. I ran out of tree to climb. I could hear him climbing up the tree. I was cornered.


"Very well, I'll force you."

"Is that keeping me safe?" I still didn't look down.

"Yes, if it brings you back to safety." He was getting close, I could tell by his voice.

"What if I'm not happy?" My breath was shakey.

"I'm trying! You just won't listen!"

"You mean I won't let you control me?" I looked down for the first time. I was so high. I felt like I was going to faint. I was so afraid of heights. He saw my face.

"What is it?" He observed.

"I-I-I..." I felt so sick.

"Bridget?" He climbed quickly. "What's wrong?" He was on the same branch as me now.

"H-Harry..." I grabbed onto him.

"What is it?" He kissed my cheek.

"I-I'm so scared. We're so high." I buried my face in his shoulder.

"It's going to be ok. Shh." He ran his fingers through my hair to soothe me. I wimpered in fear.


I had no idea how to get her down, with her being afraid of heights and all.

"We need to get down, ok?" I cupped her chin in my hand. She knodded. I wiped the tears from her face. I motioned the Taxi driver to help.

"Yes, sir?"

"I need your help getting her down."

"Not unless she wants to." He insisted.

"You'll be ok." I still held her close. She knodded.

I helped her climb down through the branches. These little things that she did always worried me.

I did a jump to the lower branches and then to ground and then encouraged  her. She put her foot on a branch that was weak, it snapped, and she fell through the branches to the ground.

"Bridget?" I moved back her hair.

"She's knocked out." The taxi driver confirmed.

"Help me get her to the van, then you can go."

We carried her to the van, and then I drove her back to the condo. I carried her up to the room and put an icepack on her head.

"Harry, how long until you let her go?" Liam whispered to me.

"She'll do something stupid alone." I looked up at him.

"She's not happy." He stood up and left the room.


My eyes focused in on Harry who was patting my head with an ice pack.

"Are you ok?" He removed the icepack.

"I'm fine." I got up to a sitting position.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes." I was sick of this. I got up and went to the door. It was locked, of course. "How will YOU get out?"

"The key goes in both sides." He didn't unlock it though. I ran my fingers through my hair.

"Harry, I'm sick of this." I leaned against the door.

"What can I do?"

"Let me have my life back." I put my arms around his neck. "I love you, but you don't trust me. That kind of relationship is horrible."

"I-I'll trust you."

"Do you promise?"


"Harry, let me go out to town tonight."

"With Charles."


"Take someone."

"NO." I insisted.

"You have to take someone." His eyes were full of concern.

"Err, Liam."

"Ok, you will go with Liam."


"Liam, don't let her out of your sight. Promise me."

"Harry, trust us both." Liam opened the door for Bridget. I grabbed her hand and pulled her back for a kiss.

"Bye. Be careful. For me?" I asked her, insisting that she would knod.

"I'll be careful. For you." She closed the door.






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