Little Things

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  • Published: 1 Jan 2013
  • Updated: 22 Aug 2013
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Just an average American teen goes into NY and sees a One Direction concert. She doesn't really like them, but her best friend Sydney does. She goes with her to a concert and thinks that the guys seem like brats. After the concert, she decides to drive herself to the Coffee Shop she passed on her way to the show. As she pulls out, she almost hits One Direction's Harry Styles! She stops just in time, gets out of the car, and realizes she almost hit Harry. Harry was running away from two fans when he went by her car, and now asks her to help him get away. She says 'Fine' and then starts to fall for him. She tells him that it's not the popularity that's important, but the Little Things that guys do that makes them special. Harry decides that she's worth the time. But the problem is, the rest of the band thinks that Harry has been kidnapped! Harry finds them and they meet her. But Harry starts to overreact to everything about her. She is mad that he is taking away her freedom.


24. A New Beginning.


It's decided, we have the hardest life. Bridget's mom, our trust issues, over protectiveness, and death. New hard task: moving on and starting fresh. Darcy is three, Brady lives with Mom, and Bridget and I are struggling, but survivng. Darcy can talk pretty well and can run a little too fast, but she also has an amazing little voice.

"Darcy! Come here, Sweetpea!" Bridget calls. "Time for dinner, Darcy!"

"No, Mommy, no! I don't wanna! I don't wanna!" Darcy yells as she runs into our bedroom and into me leg.

"Woah, Miss Darcy!" I pick her up and laugh. "It's dinner time, and someone isn't supposed to run in the house. Who would that be?"

"Not Darcy!" She says in her adorable little voice.

"Really? Who is it then?"

"Mommy!" She says.

"Nope! Come on, let's go eat. Bridget!" We walk down together and sit at the table. Darcy stares at her food.

"Darcy, tell Daddy about the song you made." Bridget says as she swallows her food.

"I made a song, Daddy!" She stands up and starts to sing.


The way you love me, it's got me singing!

The way you give me a hug!

The way you smile when I know I'm winning,

When I squish you like a bug!

Daddy, Daddy!

I love you.

Daddy! Daddy!

I love you.


She bows and gets back up into her chair. Her red curls are all over her head, yet they're perfect.

"That was beautiful, Darcy."

She looks down at her peas and scrunches up her nose. Bridget looks at me, urging me to do something.

"Darcy, eat your food." She says.

"I don't like peas." She says in response.

"Darcy, I don't like some foods but I still eat them!" I say. She looks at me, and then at her plate.

She takes a pea and puts it in her mouth.

"This'll take a while." I mouth to Bridget. "Darcy, eat them quickly so you can go play." She grabs her spoon and starts eatting them.

"Good job, Sweetpea!" Bridget says as she looks at her plate.

"I don't wanna be called 'Sweetpea'! Peas are gross!" She says as she runs away from the table. I smile and give Bridget a kiss.

"I love you." I say to her.

"Love you too."


"Nah.." She says. I give her a smile and go upstairs. She cleans the dishes and then comes up too, since she gets lonely pretty fast.

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