Little Things

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  • Published: 1 Jan 2013
  • Updated: 22 Aug 2013
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Just an average American teen goes into NY and sees a One Direction concert. She doesn't really like them, but her best friend Sydney does. She goes with her to a concert and thinks that the guys seem like brats. After the concert, she decides to drive herself to the Coffee Shop she passed on her way to the show. As she pulls out, she almost hits One Direction's Harry Styles! She stops just in time, gets out of the car, and realizes she almost hit Harry. Harry was running away from two fans when he went by her car, and now asks her to help him get away. She says 'Fine' and then starts to fall for him. She tells him that it's not the popularity that's important, but the Little Things that guys do that makes them special. Harry decides that she's worth the time. But the problem is, the rest of the band thinks that Harry has been kidnapped! Harry finds them and they meet her. But Harry starts to overreact to everything about her. She is mad that he is taking away her freedom.


2. A Horrible Day

"Sydney, I don't know about this." I walked shoulder to shoulder with her.

"Bridge, you need to trust me!" She always says 'Bridge' when she knows she's right and I'm wrong.

"Syd!" She stoppe and looked at me.

"Sorry, I forgot that you hate that...Bridge." She runs down the stairs with me chasing her screaming 'That's it!'

She stopped when she saw her mom.

"Hey, Mom. Any good food for lunch?"

"Well of course, Honey Bug." Her slightly noticeable southern accent was so fun to hear.

"Thank you, Mrs. Breckinridge."

"Bridget, you are always welcome here. Right, Sydney?"

"Right!" She gave me a little side hug.

"Honey Bug, did you tell Bridget your plan?"

"Oh!" She turned to me. "Bridget, guess what!!!" She jumped up and down on her chair.

"Calm down! Calm down!"

"For your Sweet 16...WE ARE GOING TO A ONE DIRECTION CONCERT!!!!!AHHH!" She screamed it as loud as she could.

"Woah!" I hated One Direction! Yuck! Who would waste money on that?!

"Are you excited?"

"Of course! Who wouldn't be?!" I hugged her, knowing she was thrilled.

"Guess what else!"

I thought of things I hated. "We're going in a pink car!"

"No, but good idea! We are going...ON YOUR BIRTHDAY! You can drive us!"

"Honey Bug! She needs a parent signature." Her mother chimed in.

"Crap. Mom? You?"

"Me? Honey Bug, that's between Bridget and her mom!"


"Sydney! It's ok." I interrupted her.


"Sydney! Trust me." I got up and asked Mrs. Breckinridge to take me home really fast. We pulled into the driveway. The screen door was open, which mean't she was mad.

"Anyone home?" I called out. I could see all of her wine bottles on the table.


"It's Bridget."

"Bridget, huh?" She stumbled out, throwing a bottle at my head.



"I'm not! You're yelling at me!"


"All I want is your signature for my licence!"


"Mom! Be reasonable!"

She threw a bottle at my head again, but this time I was too slow. I stumbled back, surprised by the hard blow. I felt my head, it was wet. I felt dizzy, I stumbled backwards on the doorway and passed out on the front door. Everything was black.


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