I can make you feel wanted

When Ashley was younger her parents gave her up for adoption and she has lived in foster care all her life. Now that she is 18 she is old enough to live on her own and she no longer needs anyone, that is, until she meets Louis Tomlinson. Louis is all she has ever wanted. He is a best friend and she can tell him anything and everything. When Louis starts to date a girl Ashley feels left out and rejected by her best friend.


5. Two weeks later

Ashley's P.O.V.

It was Monday morning and I had just taken a shower and gotten ready for my new job as a writer for the local paper. I was making my morning coffee when I heard a knock on my front door. 

"Hey Lou," I said as I opened the door.

"Hey, can I come in?"

"Sure, but I have to leave for work soon."

"I know," he said.

"So, what's up?"

"Well, I was wondering if you were free to go out to dinner tonight with me and the boys to celebrate our two weeks of being friends," he said with his goofy smile.

"I hardly think that's worth celebrating," I said laughing.

"Of course it is! You're like one of the guys now!"

"Oh thanks," I said, sticking my tongue out at him. "Now if you don't mind I have to get to work. I only started last week and I don't want to be late!"

"Fine party pooper," he said and started running away from as I chased him.

"Take that back Tomlinson!" I shouted.


"Fine, I didn't want to do this, but you leave me with no choice."

I pinned him down and started tickling him until he pleaded mercy.

"Now do you take it back?"

"Y-yes!" he shouted while trying to stop laughing.

"Good," I said with a satisfied smile. "Now get out! I need to go." With that we both left my apartment. He said good bye and went back to his apartment while I headed to work. 

Once I got to work I sat down and looked at the piles of news I had to go through to finish up my article. I never am going to be done with this, I thought as I heard footsteps approaching and looked up as my new friend Ehlana came over.

"Hey," I said.


"What's wrong?"

"Well, my boyfriend and I had a horrible fight last night. I mean, we have fought before, but never like this and I don't think he's coming back. He packed up all his things and left his key to the apartment on the dining table." she said starting to tear up.

"If you don't mind my asking, what was the fight about?"

"Well, he has been getting home really late lately and I asked him about it. I know that he has a lot of work to do and that they have a deadline to make, but he told me last week that there wasn't that much work left, so it doesn't make sense why he was getting home late. I asked him if he was cheating on me and he just started yelling at me. No 'I promise I'm not's' or 'why would you think that's'. Am I being paranoid?"

"I haven't had much experience with dating, but what I've seen in the movies is that you did the right thing by asking him instead of just assuming he was and leaving, but you could be a bit paranoid too."

"Yeah," she said sniffling.

"I was just joking," I said smiling. "Hey, I am going out tonight with some other friends, would you like to come?"


"Great! Come over to my place after work. We can get ready together," I said smiling. She smiled back and seemed to be a bit better.

"Okay, see you after work. Don't leave without me, because I don't know where the heck you live," she said.

"Okay, I'll try to remember," I said winking.

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