I can make you feel wanted

When Ashley was younger her parents gave her up for adoption and she has lived in foster care all her life. Now that she is 18 she is old enough to live on her own and she no longer needs anyone, that is, until she meets Louis Tomlinson. Louis is all she has ever wanted. He is a best friend and she can tell him anything and everything. When Louis starts to date a girl Ashley feels left out and rejected by her best friend.


6. The Celebration

After work Ehlana and I headed back to my apartment after stopping by Ehlana's so she could get some clothes to change into. As we got to my floor we ran into Louis who was just leaving his apartment to go somewhere.

"Oh sor-," he said, but then looked up. "Oh, it's only you Ash." He said grinning.

"What? I don't deserve an apology?!" I exclaimed, feigning hurt, but then smiling.

"Nope, not really," he said then realized I was with someone. "Hello! I am Louis the Tommo Tomlinson!"

"But you can call him Louis the loser," I told Ehlana with a smirk meant for Louis.

"You know words can really hurt a guy," Louis said with a pout.

"Too bad," I said sticking my tongue out at him. "Anyways, El and I have to get ready for the party tonight, so bye!"

"It was nice meeting you Louis!" yelled El as we got to my apartment.

I opened the door and tossed my keys onto the small table next to the door. "Make yourself at home. The bathroom is just down that hallway and is the first door on the left if you want to start getting ready."

"Thanks! I am so excited to meet everyone!" she replied as she headed to the bathroom.

"By Louis' introduction I feel that they are all excited for tonight. You'll love the guys. Who knows, maybe you'll find one of them attractive," I told her waggling my eyebrows at her. 

El threw her hairbrush at me and laughed. "Yeah, well, I highly doubt that. I am not really into getting involved with a guy any time soon."

"Still, who knows?" I winked at her and ran into my room as she pulled her arm back to throw the hairbrush at me again.

I decided to wear a sleeveless white top with lace on the top, a pair of cuffed jean shorts, sunglasses, and thong sandals. I left my hair down and naturally wavy, I then fixed my eye makeup, grabbed my purse and phone and went to see if El was ready to go yet. 

"You look gorgeous!" I exclaimed as soon as I saw El. She was wearing a cutout bodycon dress from forever21, with black tights, and a pair of black thong sandals. She had curled her hair and put it up into an elegant up-do. 

"You too! Do you think it's too dressy?"

"Not at all! If anything, mine isn't dressy enough," I said with a smile. "Now let's go party!"

Ehlana and I left my apartment and headed for the elevator. The party was at some club just a couple blocks away. Neither of us had any idea how to get there so we decided to get a taxi instead of walking.


Liam's P.O.V.

"Where are the girls? I am starving!" said Niall.

"You aren't starving, starving would be never having a full meal or eating without food for almost a week."  I replied.

"Still! I am really, really hungry!"

I sighed and decided to leave Niall to his hunger.

"If it wasn't for all of the yelling we may never have found you guys," said a girl with curly brown hair as she sat down at the table. Another girl with curly blonde hair sat down next to her. "How's it going guys?"

"Well, Niall is hungry, Liam is exasperated, and you are late," said Louis.


Ashley's P.O.V.

"Sorry, we didn't know how to get here so we took a cab and it took for-ever!"

"Waiter! waiter!" yelled Niall. "We want to order!"

"Settle down Niall, let the man do his job," said Zayn.

"Anyway, this is my friend Ehlana from work," I told the boys.

"Hello, Ehlana from work!" said Niall.

"Hey, I'm Liam, this is Harry, the hungry one is Niall, and the one sitting next to Lou is Zayn." 

"Hey guys," said Ehlana sheepishly. 

"Are we going to start the celebration or not?" I asked.

"Now we are!" said Louis as the waiter came over and asked for our orders. 

"What's good here?" I asked.

"Oh! I'll order for you girls," said Louis.

"They will get the number three and I will have the number 7."

As the waiter left all of the boys started to laugh.

"What's so funny? Louis, what did you order for us?"

"You'll see," he said with a wink, which made the guys laugh even harder.

Ehlana and I gave eachother worried looks and decided to wait and see. "So who wants to go play some games in the arcade?"

Louis, Zayn, Ehlana, Harry, and myself all decided that we wanted to play some arcade games and went to the arcade while Niall and Liam waited on the food. I saw a Galaga machine and started to play it. "Your really good." said a voice behind me.

"Thanks, Lou," I replied. "I somewhat grew up playing it. I have the high score in my family."

"Do you think you could get that same high score right now?"

"Probably not seeing as we only have about 10 minutes to play games."

"Maybe some other time then," he said winking at me.

"Maybe," I said smiling. "Do you want to play?"

"Umm, no, I don't want to make a fool of myself in front of you, seeing how good you are at it."

"Haha, it's fine, I want to see how good you are."

"Okay," said Louis hesitantly.

Louis started to play and was actually pretty good. He got to level 10 by the time our food had arrived. "Come on Louis our food is ready," I said whining.

"Go without me, I will be there in a bit."

"No you won't you need to stop playing!"

"Well you just made me die anyways!"

"Good, now come on!"

As we got closer to the table I remembered the meal that Louis had ordered Ehlana and I. I looked at my plate and stopped dead in my tracks. 

"What's wrong?" asked Louis.

"I am not eating whatever that is," I said pointing to my plate. Louis looked at my plate and instantly smiled.

"Oh, you'll be fine, now come on!"

I followed Louis the rest of the way and sat down. I looked at Ehlana and saw that she hadn't touched hers yet either. All she did was stare down at her plate with a repulsed expression on her face. I couldn't help, but laugh when I saw her face. She turned to me and we both agreed at that moment that we would try it together. We picked up our forks and picked up a piece of whatever it was. The boys watched us eagerly as we took a bite. As I took my bite, I couldn't have been more surprised. It was octopus! I grew up eating octopus, but none that looked like this, and, believe it or not, I actually like octopus. As I took another bite, I couldn't help, but notice the boys' obvious disappointment, but it didn't last long because at that moment Ehlana spit hers out and took a big swig of water. The boys burst out laughing and I couldn't help, but laugh too.

"How can you like that?" Ehlana asked me.

"I grew up eating octopus," I explained. Ehlana looked at me horrified when I told her it was octopus which made the rest of us crack up laughing again.

"I guess I still have a lot to learn about you," said Louis while wiping tears from his eyes. All I could do was nod my head, as I took a drink of my Coke. 

After we all finished eating, we said good-bye to Ehlana and the boys and I headed back to our apartment building. Zayn and Liam got off first since they lived on the third floor, Harry and Niall got off next on the fourth floor, and Louis and I got off on the fifth floor. 

"I had fun tonight even though you tried to make me sick on octopus," I said to Louis as I got to my apartment.

"I did too. We will have to go back sometime so you can make that high score," he said.

"Yeah because that is at the top of my list right now."

"It should be!"

"Haha. Okay on Sunday we will go back to make the highscore, deal?"

"Deal!" exclaimed Louis. He then proceeded to spit in his hand and stick it out for a handshake.

"Sorry, but no can do. I don't need Louis germs," I said laughing at him as he made a pouty face. "Well I better get inside. Wanna hang out tomorrow?"

"Can't. The boys and I have to rehearse all day, but Sunday we will." 

"Sure, I will make homemade ice cream to have once we get back from the club. Well, good night Lou."

"Good night Ash."

I unlocked my apartment door and proceeded to get ready for bed. I turned on the evening news and fell asleep while they talked about politics.

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