I can make you feel wanted

When Ashley was younger her parents gave her up for adoption and she has lived in foster care all her life. Now that she is 18 she is old enough to live on her own and she no longer needs anyone, that is, until she meets Louis Tomlinson. Louis is all she has ever wanted. He is a best friend and she can tell him anything and everything. When Louis starts to date a girl Ashley feels left out and rejected by her best friend.


3. The Boys

Louis' P.O.V.

I was getting ready to meet the guys at the studio when one of my neighbors told me that a new person moved into the apartment down the hall. I decided to go meet this person and then head to the studio. When I first saw Ashley I was kind of disappointed that it wasn't a guy around my age to become friends with. After I left I realized that I spent too much time there and was going to be late meeting the boys. The whole car ride there, however, I couldn't help, but think about the girl I just met. Ashley was kind and was pretty. I was excited to get to know her tonight. 

Once I got to the studio I ran inside and the boys looked relieved once they saw me.

"Lou! Where have you been?" asked Harry.

"Sorry boys I met a new neighbor and talked longer than I planned." I replied.

That was when our manager came out. "Well it's about time Louis!" he said.

"Sorry, I lost track of time."

"Yeah, talking to a 'neighbor',"whispered Harry.

"Shut up." I said through my teeth.

"Let's just get to rehearsing."

We went through a couple of songs and then took a break and got some water to drink.

"So who is this mystery neighbor?" asked Niall.

The boys all looked at me expectantly. I sighed and told them about Ashley and how we were going to hang out later.

"But Lou!" whined Harry making a pouty face. "I wanted to hang out with you tonight."

"Maybe you could come and hang out with Ashley and I." I said.

"Yay!" He said with a huge smile.

"Alright boys! Enough hanging around time to finish up rehearsing."

Once we were finished rehearsing I said good-bye to the guys and got into the car and drove out of the parking lot with Harry following behind me.

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