Dead Roses -1D Fan Fic-

Kaitlynn Rose Matthews is your typical teenage girl, except for the fact that she's not. Her best friend is Harry Styles, whom happens to be a teenage heartthrob in worldwide british boy band One Direction. Her whole life they've both been in love, they just never said anything. And just as they do decide to make their move and become a couple, Kaitlynn goes on tour with Harry. When she starts to fall for one of his best mates, could it jeopradize their friendship throughout the band?


2. Chapter One<3

I emptied my suitcase and placed everything neatly back in once more, waiting for Harry to arrive and ring the doorbell. Today was the day we were to go onto his tour, and I was so excited. I spent half the evening pacing in the hallway, causing my dad to come and actually locked me in my own room.

Just as the doorbell ran throughout the house, I rushed down, lugging my bag with me.
"You ready Katie?" Harry asked, a black van waiting outside the drive.
"Sure, just hold on," I murmured, trying to pull my bag around the corner, the wheel having got stuck in the outlining. "Got it!" I yelled, as I fell back onto the floor, the suitcase flinging onto it's back.
"You okay there Kay?" Harry asked, holding back a laugh.
"Just great," I muttered, making my way out the door. He laughed, following me and opening up the door of the tour bus.
"ZAYN! LOUIS! LIAM!" Harry yelled, and all three came out from behind the corner.
"What?! Zayn whined, looking like he just woke up.
"Katie, meet these three. You three, meet Katie," Harry introuduced, placing my suitcase onto the couch.

5 minutes later we were all sat on the couch, chatting, my suitcase being thrown into my room.
"Where's Niall?" I asked curiously, leaning back into the cushions.
"Oh, we're off to pick him up now, considering our first concert is in Ireland," Liam explained, sitting beside Zayn, a soda in his hand.
"Cool," I mumured.
"So, Harry, you never said you were inviting a chick on tour," Louis joked, earning him a slap on the back of his head.
"She's my girlfriend," Harry said, glaring at Louis, "and I didn't want to leave her behind," Harry exclaimed, causing me to aww and cuddle into his body.
"If she's the same Kaitlynn you've been talking about," Zayn started, also ending up with a slap, "then you've spent enough time with her!" Zayn said, causing me to laugh. Harry and I spent pretty much every living second together anyway.
"Aww, has wittle Haribear been talking about me?" I teased, ruffling his hair, causing him to slap my hand away, scowling. I pecked him on the cheek, whispering in his ear, "You know you love me!" causing him to bite his lip, before glaring at me.
"I've never seen Harry come home with a girl he's been seduced by, he's always been seducing him!" Zayn joked, causing all of us but him to roar with laughter. He just scowled again, and I patted his head, jumping up and making my way to my room to unpack my belongings.

That morning I woke up to see the sun streaming in through the window, five boys looking at me from the door.
"Good morning," I said, giving a slight wave and then resting my head back onto my pillow.
"Good afternoon," they all chorused, and I looked up at my phone to see it as 1243.
"Hey Niall, I'm Katie," I introduced, jumping out of bed and searching through my suitcase for some fresh clothes.
"Hey Katie," Niall waved, and everyone poured out of the room to give us some privacy. And by us, I mean Harry decided to walk in and shut the door.
"Hey Kay," Harry said.
"Hey Haribear," I sang, deciding on a pair of high top shorts and a white moustache top.
"I'm bored..." Harry whined.
"I'm trying to get changed..." I teased, trying to push him out of the room.
"Can I watch?" Harry begged, a smirk playing on his lips.
"Sure hun," I joked, and his eyes lit up immeditely.
"Really?" he asked.
"No!" I cried in disbelief, causing him to frown, marching out of the room. I laughed, getting changed and tying my hair into a messy bun on the top of my head. I followed Harry out of the room, considering he was trying to watch me change through the crack between the floor and the door. "Stop Spying!"

As the tour bus halted, a buff man walked in, and immeditely lashed out at me, throwing me to the floor.
"Paul! Paul!" Harry yelled, running over to us.
"No fangirls allowed, you know the rules Harry!" the man, Paul, said.
"Pauly! She's not a fangirl, she's my girlfriend!" Harry exclaimed, trying to pull him off, and he did, apologising immeditely.
"Oh my god, I'm so so sorry!" Paul apologised, pulling me to my feet.
"No no, it's fine. My sister use to do this all the time!" I joked, and he laughed, shaking my hand.
"Paul Higgins, bodyguard," he said formally.
"Kaitlynn Matthews, girlfriend," I mocked, before making my way over to Harry, and he instantly wrapped his arm around my waist.
"You okay babe?" he asked. I nodded, frowning up at him.
"I'm fine, stop being all, you!" I ordered. He nodded, giving me a light kiss on the forehead. I unwrapped Harry's arm from my body, shoving him onto the couch before making my way into the kitchen. Just at that moment, as I entered through the doorway, Louis squeezed past. In that split second in which I looked into his shining blue eyes, I felt a wierd, fluttery kind of feeling erupt into my stomach. I reached into the fridge to grab a bottle of water, leaning against the kitchen counter, processing what just happened. Shaking my head, I walked out of the room, hoping to forget any thought I had recieved in the past five minutes.

Later that evening, I lay in bed, scanning through my twitter, but the scene from earlier kept popping into my head. I knew I shouldn't be worrying about this, nor should I even be thinking about it, but for some reason it was bothering me. I'd never ever had that feeling before; it's was just... wierd! Sure, maybe I was just being stupid; you know what? I probably was being stupid. I let out a low laugh, turning my mind back to the computer, only to see it blacked out completely.

"HAZZA!" I shouted, only for him to come running in with a baseball bat in his hand.
"W-What? Are you okay?" He worriedly asked, looking quickly around the room.
"Nothing. Is there a power cut?" I asked him, signalling towards my black laptop.
"Yeah, there is. Niall's freaking out because he can't warm up his pizza for his lunch," Harry joked, and I gave a weak smile.
"I'd like to see that," I responded, and he just laughed, ruffling my hair before going out of my room.
"By the way," he said, pausing and turning towards me. "We got to leave for an interview in twenty odd minutes, will you be okay to occupy yourself?"
"Sure, what state are we in?" I asked. Yeah, we arrived in America this morning.
"Cali," Harry smiled, before leaving. I leaned back, smiling to myself. Perfect.

An hour later, the boys were halfway to their interview, and I was about to run into the waves, having just rented a surf board. Just as I was about to catch my first wave for four years, some guy decided to crash into me. And some guy was he...
"Excuse me?" the guy asked. I looked away from his bronze-toned abs and realised he'd been apologising for the past minutes.
"Oh, uh sorry. Don't worry about it," I said, blinking and trying to keep my eyes near his face.
"Yeah, I'm sorry. Hi, I'm Josh," he introuduced, waving his hands about in the water.
"Katie," I smiled up at him, giving him a brisk hand-shake.
"No offence, but you honestly don't seem like the type of girl who surfs," Josh noted.
"You don't seem like they type of guy who knocks people over when they're surfing," I mocked, and he let out an awkward laugh.
"You could give me some tips?" Josh asked, raising his eyebrows slightly.
"Sure, but I haven't done anything for four years so..." I trailed off, turning my surfboard the right way around and jumping on it just as a large wave rushed our way. Josh followed my trail of movements, and soon enough we were riding the wave as it grew in size. Moments later the wave crashed into the shore, both of us immeditely tumbling down onto the soggy sand. "Hey," I said as he landed beside me.
"Hey," he laughed, giving me a peck on the cheek before jumping up again. I blushed, staring at the sand for a minute before following him and swimming back out to sea.

Before I knew it, the sky was beginning to darken, and I crashed into the sand once again to see the coast pretty much emptied, a couple of people packing up their towels and umbrellas.
"Oh crap, Josh I really got to get back. They're going to be worried!" I said, jumping to my feet and sprinting to grab my cover-up.
"Ahh, yeah, Cool," he muttered, swinging on his feet. "Can I- Can I have your number?"
"What?" I asked, looking up at him, handing my surfboard back to the lifeguard guy.
"You know what? Never mind," he murmured, swinging his board under his arm.
"It's ***** *******," I said, and he speedily pulled out his phone and dialed it in.
"It was nice meeting you Kayte," he waved, giving me a hug before making his way to wherever he is.
"You too Joshua, You too," I replied, before rushing back to the tour bus.

As I entered, Louis and Niall were nowhere to be found, Zayn was in the kitchen withn Liam whom was ringing up somebody, and Harry was in the corrider, pacing back and forth, repeatedly running his fingers through his curls. As soon as I swung the door shut, everyone looked up, Harry rushed to my side, and I heard Liam say,
"Never mind Simon, she's back."
"KAITLYNN!" Harry yelled, and Niall and Louis came rushing out of their room, noticed I was here, and Louis ran back into his room, whilst Nial made his way to the kitchen. "Where the hell have you been?"
"Beach...?" I hesitantly answered, saying it more as a question then an answer. "I'm sorry, I lost track of time, and..."
"You couldn't take your phone? I was calling and calling, and when someone did answer it was Zayn!" Harry exclaimed, causing me to laugh, but I stopped when I noticed he was frowning at me.
"Well, I was in the water all day anyway!" I explained, and his facial expression softened slightly.
"Don't bother. I'm just glad you're okay," Harry smiled, giving me a relieved hug.

That evening, I lay in bed, Harry in the bunk above me, when my phone rang out, lighting up the room. I looked over to see an unknown number. Josh.
"Who's that?" Harry asked, flipping his head over the side of the bed.
"Nobody," I replied, opening up the text.
I smiled, immeditely thrashing in the reply.
My phone dinged almost immeditely, surprising me. I was not expecting him to be a quick replier.
I laughed this time, causing Harry to flip his head back to face me.
"You okay?" he asked.
"Fine Harry, go back to bed," I answered, pecking him on the nose before pushing him back up.
I texted back, recieving a...
My reply was...
What came through shocked me, and I was not expecting it.
"H-Harry, are we doing anything tomorrow?" I asked, hoping he was still awake.
"We've got a soundcheck for the concert in the evening, but other than that no, why?" he replied groggily, as if he was just dosing off.
"No reason," I said, knowing he wouldn't fall for it, but he ignored it anyway.
I sent back, hoping not to sound desperate earlier.
I smirked, knowing he was absolutely lousy at flirting.
SURE. 2PM?:)
I smiled, nodding to myself before replying.
I placed my phone back on the bedside table before laying my head onto my pillow, falling to sleep almost immeditely.

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