broken hearted

jessica and harry are in love with each other but jessica finds out that harry was cheating on her , is jessica going to complete with harry or is she just going to move on with her life , see whats going to happen <3


3. the movie

i woke up in the morning and i went downstairs i watched some tv shows and then i send harry a message

' hey harry come to my house we are going to watch some movies '

after seconds my phone beeped it was a message from harry for sure , i opened my phone yea it was from harry

' yea that will be awesome im coming rigth now omw '

i went to make some popcorn and cotton candy and i took some chips with me and i took all of that stuff to the living room where we will watch the movie , i heard some footsteps i knew it was harry i ran to the door and i opened it

' oh hey jessica ''

he said and walked in

' hey harry i made some popcorn and stuff so we can eat it while watching the movie '

i said and pointed at those stuff i made

' oh thanks '

' what movie you want to watch '

i said

' the ring its really scary and i watched it like 20 times but it never get boring so will you watch it ? '

he said and smiled  i really love his smile cutest smile ever!!!

' yea of course '

i took the cd and played it and sat next to harry on the couch  i saw something that was really scary i jumped on harry and i covered my face on his chest screaming

' its okay sweethear '

he said  after the movie finished i really felt sleepy

' harry im sleepy are you? '

i asked him

' yea im going home so see you later '

he said and opened the door

' harry '

i said  , harry looked back and said

' yea ?'

' im scared '

i said

' if you want i can stay here '

he said

' yea please '

i said

he lay back on the bed next to me and covered me and himslef

' goodnight love '

he said and kissed my forhead

' night '

i was really tired so i slept fast



so 3 chapters for today :) hope you like it and comment and tell me what you think about it and if you have any questions kik me my kik username is jessicalendres

thanks :D

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