broken hearted

jessica and harry are in love with each other but jessica finds out that harry was cheating on her , is jessica going to complete with harry or is she just going to move on with her life , see whats going to happen <3


5. The Club

Jessica's POV

After going to the theatre with Julia, we went to my flat just to hang out. We watched some random TV shows like That 70s Show. 

"Jessica, wanna go to the club?" Julia asked.

"Yeah, sure! Sounds like fun!" I answered.

"Okay, let's go find something to wear!"

We went upstairs to my closet and started searching for something. 

I put on a strapless red dress, sandals, black feather earrings, and a black purse, and Julia put on a short, black dress, black heels, and a gold purse.

"Alright, let's goo!" she said.

The club was only a few minutes away so we got there in no time. We walked into the club and went straight to dance. We were having a good time, except for some guys (who were obviously drunk) coming up to us and trying to dance with us. One guy put his hand on my hip, which made me really mad, so I pushed him away and yelled, "I've got a boyfriend!" We finally got tired of guys trying to dance with us. We went over to the bar to get some drinks. Loud music was playing and it was hard to hear what we said to each other, so we didn't talk much. I scanned the area to see who was there. Almost everyone was drunk, and they were all dancing with someone else. I turned my head back to my drink, but something caught my eye. Or should I say someone..



Hey everyone! This is the first chapter I wrote for this story! Yay! Oooooh, I left you with a cliff hanger! I hope you like it! If you do, please like, favorite, and comment(: And PLEASE fan the original author of this story (storywriter311) and if you also wanna fan me, (Lauren.Horan.) please do! Thank you to all of you who are reading, we appreciate you SO much! 

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