broken hearted

jessica and harry are in love with each other but jessica finds out that harry was cheating on her , is jessica going to complete with harry or is she just going to move on with her life , see whats going to happen <3


4. movie threatre with julia

jessica p.o.v

i woke up with my head on harry's chest i felt really safe with him i looked at his innocent face and his closed eyes as i was looking at him he woke up and i looked at his beautiful green eyes he looked so beautiful with his messy hair

' morning harry '

i said to harry

' morning babe '

he said

' wanna have breakfast'

i asked him

' yea sure but im going to take shower first '

he saidand smiled at me

' okay ill just do eggs'

i said and got off the bed and went downstairs i headed to the kitchen and i prepared some eggs and i put them on the table then i heard some footsteps it was harry iknew

harry came and got in the kitchen and sat on the chair near the table and started to eat

' so did you sleepwell honey ? '

he said

' yea thanks , so did you'

i asked him

' yea '

he said

he finished eating and he stood up and walked to the door

' sorry babe but i really have to go cause my band is waiting for me '

he said

' yea sure its okay '

i smiled

harry walked out of the door before he left he stared at my eyes and smiled and he went

i went to change my clothes and to go to the movie threatre with my friend julia so i went upstairs and i wore hot pink shirt i love pinkcolour and i wore grey skinny jeans and some bracelets and i took my phone and some money and my car key and i walked out of the door and closed it and i got in the car and i drived to my friends house to pick her up she came and got in the car

'hi julia i missed you '

i said

' hey jessica missed you too so how was your days with harry i mean your crush '

she said and smiled

' it was great ... crush ?? umm not gonna lie yea he is mycrush '

i said and we both laughed

we arrived at the movie threatre and got out of the car and went to watch some movies and in the middle of the movie i got a message that said

' hey jessica im so busy today and i guess we cant go out '

' its okay im at the movie threatre with my friend but can we go out tomorrow '

i sent it

the movie finished and we got back home it was a nice day with my friend julia she is my friend for like 10 years



so hope you guys like it comment and tell me what do you think about it thanks for the likes and favourites :D THANKS

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