broken hearted

jessica and harry are in love with each other but jessica finds out that harry was cheating on her , is jessica going to complete with harry or is she just going to move on with her life , see whats going to happen <3


1. early morning

jessica p.o.v

i woke up early in the morning i went downstairs to have some food after that i went to earch for my iphone i wanted to checfk on twitter , my phone ringed and i ran to it , someone had just sent me a message it was harry the message said

' hey jessica how are you wanna go out today ? '

' hey harry im good u ? sure !! '


after some minutes i heard someone knocking the door

i opened the door and it was harry styles

               ' harry !! didnt know that you will come now ' 

' i came here to pick you up get ready we are going to the restaurant '

he said and sat on the couch and turned on the tv

' ill wait for you here '

i went upstairs and i wore a grey shirt and black skinny jeansand i combed my hair it was light brown hair i went downstairs

' im ready lets go '

' okay  '

he stood up and turned off the tv we both walked out of the door


so hope you like it comment and tell me what you think :)


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