broken hearted

jessica and harry are in love with each other but jessica finds out that harry was cheating on her , is jessica going to complete with harry or is she just going to move on with her life , see whats going to happen <3


2. at the restaurant

we got in the car after some minutes we arrived at the restaurant and we got out of the car harry hold my hand and we walked in the restaurant , the restaurant was really beautiful we sat somewhere near a big window it was a nice place the waited came and gave us the menu list

'what you want to order '

i opened the menu list

' salad and fresh orange juice '

i said

' and you '

the waiter said and looked at harry

' apple juice and chicken burger '

the waiter waent with the orders and came back with food he put the food on the table and went we started to eat after we finished harry said

' get in the car imgonna do somehting and ill be back '

i did what he said i got in the car and waited for harry after some mintues he came and got in the car too and harry drived me back to home i felt so tired and i went to have some sleep and decided that tomorrow ill invite harry and watch a movie together ....



hope you like it if you have any questions just kik me ---------> jessicalendres

and comment below and tell me what you think about it

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