Save Your Heart Tonight

This story is about a girl called Tiffany,she is 18 years old and turning 19 soon.
She has dirty blonde hair with deep blue eyes, Looking at the description of her she sound like a normal teenager with a normal life........Wrong!!!!!
Her mum died of cancer and her dad died in. Car accident when she was 10 so she had to go live with her uncle. The thing is a year after she moved with her uncle , he started abusing her. at the age of 13 she tried and run a way but she couldn't but now she is 18 she is gonna try again and run away. Will she succeed ??


3. Where am I gonna stay?

Nialls POV

When we came to mine and the boys flat with Tiffany, she was hiding behind me something must of happened to her! " Tiffany it's ok we will not hurt you " I say in a caring voice. She slowly moves beside me but still scared. " guys this is Tiffany, she is gonna be staying here for a while till she finds somewhere to stay" I say. " where did you find her " Harry says. I reply " when I was walking back a bumped into her and she says she doesn't want to go back to her house so I said she could stay her ". They all say " ohhhh". Me and Tiffany sit down on the empty coach and watch toy story ( ofc Liam choose it ) and Tiffany speak up " who are your friends?" I totally forgot to introduce them to her. 'The one with curly hair and green eyes is harry, the one looking in the mirror is zayn, the one eating carrots is louis and the one interested in watching toy story is Liam" I tell her. "Hello love" says louis
" nice to meet you" says Liam
"Vas happenin' " zayn says
" hey there" harry says

Tiffanys POV

They all greet me and I say shyly " hi". The only one I mostly trust here is Niall the now . Zayn asks me " why don't you want to go back to your house?" I was speechless and I started tearing up then I hugged Niall and my head on his chest. He comforts me saying " it's ok tiff, you don't have to tell, you can tell us when you are ready" I nod and calm down bit. After toy story finished I was fast asleep on nialls chest.
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