Save Your Heart Tonight

This story is about a girl called Tiffany,she is 18 years old and turning 19 soon.
She has dirty blonde hair with deep blue eyes, Looking at the description of her she sound like a normal teenager with a normal life........Wrong!!!!!
Her mum died of cancer and her dad died in. Car accident when she was 10 so she had to go live with her uncle. The thing is a year after she moved with her uncle , he started abusing her. at the age of 13 she tried and run a way but she couldn't but now she is 18 she is gonna try again and run away. Will she succeed ??



Tiffany's POV

Me, Louis and Niall all went to the mall but the put on there hoodies and sunglasses. Once we got there, we went to forever 21 and i found the most perfect dress ever. It was mint green with silver diamonds at the top but then i saw the price tag its was 250 pounds. I was dissapointed a turned away then saw niall standing there, " do you ant the dress?' she asks , i reply ' yes, but it too much. I look down and he lifts my chin up and says ' i will get you to dres, what ever mkes you happy'. "No, niall you cant do that its too much". He just ignores me and grabs the dress thats my size ( he knows my size cause we have bought clothes already) and goes up and pays for it" now you cant return it " he chuckles. Then louis runs in the jewellery and shoes books that match the dress. " Guys dont spend this much money on me " i say seriously.

Here is the dress:

After we shopped, we went home to have dinner cause we lost track of time and was there for the whole day. We ate dinner then harry wanted to play truth or dare. we had a few rounds harry dared me to..........


ok guys im sorry ive not updated in a while but im gonna have a contest !!!!!

all you have to do is give me your name,age, personality and what u look like thats it and i will randomly choose someone !!!!


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