Save Your Heart Tonight

This story is about a girl called Tiffany,she is 18 years old and turning 19 soon.
She has dirty blonde hair with deep blue eyes, Looking at the description of her she sound like a normal teenager with a normal life........Wrong!!!!!
Her mum died of cancer and her dad died in. Car accident when she was 10 so she had to go live with her uncle. The thing is a year after she moved with her uncle , he started abusing her. at the age of 13 she tried and run a way but she couldn't but now she is 18 she is gonna try again and run away. Will she succeed ??


2. New friend

So I walked out the alley way and started walking with my head down and then I walked in to someone and fell.
I shouted " don't hurt me " cause I was scared. Looked up and I saw and boy blonde hair and blue eyes like me." I'm not gonna hurt you and I'm sorry I walked in to you" he says. I start crying and he helps me me up and hugs me, I've never been hugged before well I have but that was when I was 9. He asks me " what's wrong I will take you home" I screamed " NO I CAN'T GO BACK PLEASE DON'T PLEASE" he nodded "do you have anywhere to stay?" I shook me head and say " no". He grabbed my hand and took me to his place. On the way there he say " I'm Niall by the way and yourself " he says in a cute Irish accent. "I'm Tiffany" I say shyly. When we arrive at his place I was gobsmacked, it was huge. He walked into the sitting room I see another 4 boys there.
I hid behind Niall and peeked out abit.

Sorry for the short chapter
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