Save Your Heart Tonight

This story is about a girl called Tiffany,she is 18 years old and turning 19 soon.
She has dirty blonde hair with deep blue eyes, Looking at the description of her she sound like a normal teenager with a normal life........Wrong!!!!!
Her mum died of cancer and her dad died in. Car accident when she was 10 so she had to go live with her uncle. The thing is a year after she moved with her uncle , he started abusing her. at the age of 13 she tried and run a way but she couldn't but now she is 18 she is gonna try again and run away. Will she succeed ??


5. I'm I falling for him?

Tiffany POV

I decided to tell them my life, " when I was 9 my mum died o..of cancer and a few m...months after that my died in a crash, then I had to go live with my uncle who abused me at the a..age of ten. Then when I was 16 he started........." I could finish, I burst in to tears hugging Niall. Once I calmed down a few minutes after and carried on. " when I was 16 he started to rape me and make me do stuff, and 2 days ago when Niall found me, that day I said no to him and he burned my arm" I said showing them my burnt arm. I continued telling them " so when I got told to go upstairs I planned on running away, so when he was passed out I ran for it. He woke and He was running after me then I ran in too a alley way. He gave up and walked back then a bumped into you, so if I didn't run a way I would be getting kicked or something." They were all gobsmacked and I started crying again, they all went up and hugged me and I felt safe here.
After I stopped crying I asked if I could go for a shower, I went in and then I remembered I didn't have any clothes I only packed my sweats and a old top with the Rolling Stones sign on it. I couldn't go out in public like that!!
Once I got out the shower and got changed I said to Niall that I didn't bring any clothes I could go out in." Ok, we'll will take you shopping" Niall said cheerfully, when louis heard the word shopping he was like " count me in ". Niall was so nice to me , was I falling for him??
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