Save Your Heart Tonight

This story is about a girl called Tiffany,she is 18 years old and turning 19 soon.
She has dirty blonde hair with deep blue eyes, Looking at the description of her she sound like a normal teenager with a normal life........Wrong!!!!!
Her mum died of cancer and her dad died in. Car accident when she was 10 so she had to go live with her uncle. The thing is a year after she moved with her uncle , he started abusing her. at the age of 13 she tried and run a way but she couldn't but now she is 18 she is gonna try again and run away. Will she succeed ??


4. Can I trust them to know my secret?

Nialls POV

After toy story was finished I saw that tiff drifted asleep, she is stunning when she is sleeping . I held he bridle style and put her in my bed for her to sleep. I was about to walk to the sitting area to sleep but I saw Tiffany squirming in for sleep, was she having a bad dream? " no, don't hurt me , I'm sorry" she said in her sleep and before I know it she woke up screaming and crying her eyes out. I ran up to her and held her tight in a hug saying " it's alright love it was just a bad dream" she looked into my eyes and said quietly " please don't leave me! " I nodded and got on the other side of her. I sang little lights softly in her ear and she drifted off the sleep in my arms and I slowly fell asleep too.

Tiffanys POV

I woke up and Niall wasn't there I started to worry and thinking if my uncle had got him !? . I slowly got out of bed and walked into the kitchen to see him and the boys where there. " good morning" they all said . Niall had saved a space of me next to him. I quickly walked over to him and sat down. He whispered in my ear saying " it's ok love, they don't bite. I chuckled and zayn started a conversation with me. He and the boys asked lots of questions like " how old are you", who's in your family and then one of then had to say why did you run away. I tried not to cry and I didn't I trusted them even now I've only met them yesterday but the thing is should I tell them ?
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