Sex, Lies, and Secrets.

Liam is entering his junior year of high school, and all he wants to do is make his parents proud of him for once. Him and his best mate Harry have gotten into a lot of trouble in the past. Louis and his younger sister Alessia are dubbed "The Tomlinsons.", loved by everybody, with the exception of Harry who doesn't seem to like anyone except for himself and the rugby team. Zayn is a very reserved kid who only wants to express himself through art, while his twin sister Reign is willing to do anything to be the most popular girl in school. All irish boy Niall Horan wants to do is play his guitar and sing happy songs, his little brother Brandon is entering high school for his first year with a secret that he want's nobody to know. Welcome to 'Sex, Lies, and Secrets.'
-Reader discretion advised, for MATURE readers.


3. What's the big news?

Reign's POV:

I woke up early the next morning, before my alarm even went off. I turned off the alarm notification on my phone, and took my feet off the edge of the bed. I perked up a little when I smelled something good coming from the kitchen. I walked out of my room and poked my head through the kitchen to see my mother over the stove cooking breakfast. Pancakes and bacon.

"Morning." I said taking a seat on one of the dining chairs. 

"Oh Reign! Good morning. How did you sleep?" She asked turning to look at me quickly, smiling, then turning back over the pan to flip the pancake cooking.

"Fine." I took out my phone to check the time. I usually woke up an hour and a half early for school. "How much longer on the breakfast?" I asked, I needed more time to get ready. I had to look good for Ryan today.

"Here babe, just come take these pancakes and some bacon." She said pointing to a plate of three pancakes and a few bacon strips."

I got up and retrieved the plates, grabbed some syrup, and sat back down at the table. I began to dig in eating as fast as I could. Halfway through my meal, I saw a rough Zayn come stumbling in the kitchen. 

"Mum, you made us breakfast? Don't you have to be at work right now?" He asked her.

"Don't worry, I got to come in a little later today." She said smiling while chewing her bacon.

"I really appreciate this mum." He bent down and gave her a warm kiss on her forehead and grabbed his plate and began to eat. "Why are you eating so fast?" He asked looking at me as I was about to place another piece of pancake into my mouth.

"Well since you just have to know, I need more time to get ready today." I said, scarfing down my last bits of pancakes, moving on to the couple pieces of bacon that remained.


"Why are you asking so many questions?" I asked annoyed. He just shook his head and continued to eat his breakfast. I finished my plate and placed it in the sink, and basically ran out of the kitchen. I went in my room and plugged up my flat iron to warm up, then I sprinted to the bathroom. I washed my face thoroughly and scrubbed my teeth for at least two minutes. I decided to do my make up in here really fast too. I put on some mascara, some eye-liner that made my dark eyes look a little more appealing. Another thing I hated about Zayn, he's the reason I have these ugly brown eyes. Dumb twin. I put on some red lipstick and rushed out of the bathroom. Whilst speed walking down the hall, I bumped into my idiotic brother.

"Sorry, I didn't see-"

"SHUT UP AND  JUST GET OUT OF MY WAY." I said pushing him out of my way and walking into my room slamming the door. My flat iron was good and hot so I quickly straightened my hair, which took about 20 minutes to get it perfect. After that I unplugged the flat iron, and went into my closet full of clothes. I threw on a snow white cardigan over my crisp white tee shirt. Next were some shorts that landed right on the curve of my ass, at the top of my leg. I looked at myself in the mirror satisfied with myself. I threw on my silver flats and walked through my bedroom door. 

Zayn was dressed and ready to leave. When he looked up at me, he looked back down and then quickly back to my face. 

"What is something on my face?" I said freaking out.

"No, no. It's just... your wearing more make up then usual. Lip stick, and eye liner?" He asked.

"Yeah, so?" I said in my bitchiest voice I could muster up at that time.

"You don't need to wear that. You know your beautiful Reign, I hope you aren't putting all this on for those friends of yours." He said rising from the couch.

"I'm not putting on anything for anybody, and who asked for your opinion anyway?" I said, starting to shout a little. Even though I knew he was right, he had no right to pry. I was only doing this to get Ryan, then back to barley any make up.

"I'm just-"

"You just this, you just that. Just shut up and come on. I don't want to be late." I said heading to the coffee table to retrieve my keys.

"We still have 30 minutes." He said in a smug voice.

"You know what, catch the freakin' bus. I can't deal with you right now." And with that I stormed out of the apartment door and headed for my car before he could follow me. The nerve of that moron. I got in the car and put my keys in the ignition and gripped the steering wheel. I took a few deep breaths, and checked myself in my car mirror. Still hot. I slowly pulled out of the parking space and headed for school.

Zayn's POV:

I'm glad our mother wasn't here for that little argument, that would have upset her. I can't believe her. I know she's putting on some type of show for one of those dick head guys. All I do was show a little concern and I get my head bitten off. And now I have to ride the bus, one thing I hate doing. Just bloody great. I had about 5 minutes to get to the bus stop.

I quickly jetted out the door and sped walk to the bus stop. I arrived right when the bus was leaving. I quickly walked onto the bus scanning a spot to sit. I spotted two familiar blonde lads sitting on opposite ends of the bus.

"Zayn?" Niall said looking up with a weird look. I quickly took my seat next to him.

"Hey." I said sitting down, making room for myself.

"What are ya' doin' on this bus? Doesn't your sister drive you?" He asked. I shook my head.

"We got into a argument today, so she left me." He looked at me with a weird expression then nodded. 

"I didn't know you lived by here." He said.

"Yeah, I live in those apartments by the gas station."

"Really? I live close to you then." He said chuckling a little.

"That's pretty cool." I said chuckling a little also.

I turned and looked at Brandon who was looking out the window of the bus listening to music. He looked empty. I know that expression, it's the same one I have everyday I walk into school.

The school bus arrived at the school and we got off the bus. Brandon was the last one off the bus, I guess nobody would let him out. When he came down, he plucked out his earphones and looked up and saw me standing there. His face became a light shade of pink. Was he blushing? Embarrassed? Shy? Because of me?

"Hi," he said shyly before walking in between me and Niall. "Niall, how long has he been there?" He said trying to whisper, but I still heard him.

"He rode our bus today Brandon, you were so occupied with your music you didn't notice." Niall said looking between Brandon and I. "Why does it matter?" 

"I was just asking." Brandon said. "I'm going to go now." He said about to walk away, but Niall tugged him by his backpack. 

"Listen Brandon, you don't have to be a loner you know. I am your brother, you can stay with us until it's time for class. And you don't have to sit alone during lunch anymore either, just text me! I can find you." Brandon sighed.

"I know Niall, I just want to get everything started. See ya' around." He said walking into the school doors. Niall sighed. 

"I don't know why that kid is so down in the dumps all the time." He said sadly. 

"I'm sure everything is fine, it's only the second day of school. Give him time." I said putting my arm around Niall's shoulders. He gave me a small smile.

"Your right." He let out another big breath. "Well, ready to get the day started?"

"Not really." I laughed a little, causing him to laugh. I didn't know it was that funny, but watching him laugh made me laugh even more. We stood there for about a minute and then walked into the school going to our first classes.

Liam's POV:

My first two classes zoomed by. I'm surprised since I was so anxious for lunch too. Ryan announced he had some big thing to tell everybody. Everyone who knew about this big "announcement" to happen during lunch were super pumped.

I walked into math class just before the bell rang. I quickly walked to my seat next to Brandon.

"What's up B." I said.

"Hey." He said chuckling a little. 

"What's funny?"

"Nothing, it's just you called me 'B'. Nobody ever called me that." He said smiling a little.

"Oh. Well that's your new nickname." I said playfully pushing him. I guess I pushed him a little to hard cause he almost flew out of his desk but he caught himself. "Oh my gosh, I'm sorry! I didn't know I had that much strength behind that." I said holding back a laugh. He turned a hot shade of red and tried not to laugh too.

"It-it's fine. No worries." He said fixing his shirt.

"So, did you hear?"

"Hear about what?" He said attentively.

"Ryan has some big announcement and he want's everybody to meet in the cafeteria to hear it." I said excited.

"Oh." Was all he said before he turned to face forward towards the teacher.

"Oh? Aren't you excited?"

"Not really." He said. I gave him a confused look. "Do you not know?"

"Know what?" I said raising my eyebrows.

"Ryan basically hates me. He told me to stay away from his friends and to stay out of his way. I think that means I shouldn't be talking to you." He said in a whisper since the teacher had started her lesson.

"What makes you think that?" I asked.

"Oh I don't know, maybe the way that he bullies me."

"Don't worry about him, he's just playing around." He gave a small chuckle shaking his head.

"Yeah, it's all fun and games until something really bad happens." What did he mean by that? I just left it at that, and the teacher continued her lesson until she assigned us our homework for the night.

"Are you gonna go to the cafeteria with me to listen or not?" He sighed, almost a defeated sigh.

"Yeah, sure." He said writing down our assignment tonight in his journal.

"Speaking of tonight's homework, if I like don't get it... can I text you or something? You really helped me alot yesterday." 

"Uh, su-sure. Here, just type your number in..." He said handing me his phone. I typed in my number and texted myself off his phone, so I would have his number. I passed him back his phone and pulled mine out, saving him under "B."

The class bell rang and the class filed out. I waited back for B and we then walked down to the cafeteria. I was so anxious to hear what Ryan had cooked up, there was always something with him. We entered the cafeteria and I quickly spotted a familiar head of curls, along with other of the rugby team players. I began to quickly walk towards them and noticed B lagging behind.

"What are you walking so slow for mate?"

"I, uh, well..." He was stuttering. Before he could finish what he was going to say, Niall appeared out of nowhere with Zayn. 

"Look, I'm going to go over there alright? Catch ya later B." I said walking off towards the small circle of rugby players.

"What were you doing talking to softy over there?" Harry said nudging his head towards B.

"Come on, he's cool. He helped me out with my math homework, and he's chill." I said. Harry just rolled his eyes before putting his long arm around my shoulder.

"Ready for this news?"

"Hell yeah! Speaking of Ryan, where is-" I was cut off by the sight of Ryan jumping atop a lunch table.

"ATTENTION. ATTENTION EVERYONE. This saturday, you are invited to the 'Welcome back to school bash!', the party will be at a mansion, a HUGE mansion, it will have a pool, and much more that I can't say right now." He said making himself laugh. "Tell your friends, spread the word! Everyone is welcome. Now let's have a good time!" The cafeteria erupted in loud applause and yelps of joy. 

"A part? A PARTY!?" Harry said. "Liam, do you know what this means? DO YOU?" He said shaking my shoulders back and forth causing my head to bob around. "Took to long! It means I'm going to get shit faced!" He said grinning widely. I could tell he was excited, really excited.

"Alright, alright. I don't want to be playing babysitter though!" I said chuckling.

"Don't worry mate, if you get drunk of your ass, we can be drunk together."

"Looks like it's a go mate." I said laughing. "Come on, let's go get some lunch."

Alessia's POV:

A party eh? I looked over at Louis, who must've been thinking the same thing as me. "Should we go?" We both said at the exact same time, causing us both to laugh. "Well, do you want to?" I asked smiling.

"I do actually, he said everyone is invited. And besides Ryan and the boys, people like me! So I could find a group of friends and party with them." He said.

"Yeah, and I could go with Reign and Amber." Amber was like my bestfriend, well not like. She was, since 7th grade. Me and Reign were close, the three of us were actually. But it's just me and Amber had a deeper connection. "Why does saturday have to be so far away?"I said sighing realizing it was only Tuesday.

"Don't worry, it'll zoom by. Now come, let's get some lunch!"

After lunch.

I walked into my 4th period class which I happened to have with none other then Mr. Styles himself. I took my seat, which was directly in front of him. It didn't take long before the annoyance of him trying to flirt with me started.

"Hey beautiful." He said with his husk voice. I ignored him. "Are you coming to the party saturday? I really hope to see you there."

"As a matter of fact, I am going to be there." I said spinning around in my seat to look at his face.

"How great!" He said excitingly. 

"Oh?" I said raising my eyebrow, a talent of mine. "And why is that?" I said tilting my head to the side, putting my jaw on my knuckles.

"Because I get to see you in your bikini." He said cheekily smiling. I scoffed and rolled my eyes.

"Your a perv Harry, you know that?" I said.

"You like it babe." He said blowing me a little air kiss. I turned around in my seat and payed the rest of my attention to the professor. Harry tried talking to me throughout the class, but I kept giving him the cold shoulder. When class was over I grabbed my things and tried to walk out of class as soon as possible, avoiding Harry. I failed.

"Lessie! Wait!" He said catching up to me.

"Lessie? Last time I checked you called me Ale?" I said somewhat irritated. He shrugged his shoulders.

"I like Lessie better, anyway. I have a question to ask you, and it's important." He said with a serious face, that I for one have never seen before.

"Uh, okay...?" He cleared his throat and put both his hands in his pockets.

"You think that maybe, uh," he cleared his throat again. "Maybe we can, go to the party... together?" My expression changed, my mouth hanging open a little and my eyes becoming wide with shock.

"Wait, wait. You want to take me to the party with you? On what, like a da-"

"NO, not a date." He said quickly cutting me off. "Just, like I don't know. I was just wondering if maybe you wanted to go with me." He said, he sounded nervous. Searching for the right words. I put my hand on his forehead and his cheek, he looked at my hand with a weird expression, with a little cheeky smirk. 

"Are you alright? Do you have a fever? Your not hot..."

"Really? I thought I could make a girls temperature rise." He said laughing. 

"Ha, ha. Not what I meant."

"Look, I know this isn't the usual childish, flirty me. But I was just wondering, so is it a yes or no? If no, it's okay." He looked at me with puppy dog eyes. A part of me wanted to say no just to bust his little ego. But the look on his face was full of hope, he needed me to say yes. I sighed, and gave in. I hope I wouldn't regret this.

"Fine Harry." He smiled a big smile and reached to hug me. I put my hand on his chest.

"No touchy Styles. Friends." I said reaching my hand out. He chuckled and grabbed my hand to shake it, but quickly brought it to his lips and kissed my knuckles, his lips lingering for a few seconds.

"Friends." He let go of my hand a walked away with that walk of his. Full of confidence. I walked away and slowly thought to myself, 'I'm really going on an unofficial date with Harry Styles.' God help me.

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