Sex, Lies, and Secrets.

Liam is entering his junior year of high school, and all he wants to do is make his parents proud of him for once. Him and his best mate Harry have gotten into a lot of trouble in the past. Louis and his younger sister Alessia are dubbed "The Tomlinsons.", loved by everybody, with the exception of Harry who doesn't seem to like anyone except for himself and the rugby team. Zayn is a very reserved kid who only wants to express himself through art, while his twin sister Reign is willing to do anything to be the most popular girl in school. All irish boy Niall Horan wants to do is play his guitar and sing happy songs, his little brother Brandon is entering high school for his first year with a secret that he want's nobody to know. Welcome to 'Sex, Lies, and Secrets.'
-Reader discretion advised, for MATURE readers.


15. Valentine's Day. (Liam and Danielle)

Liam waited in his room, anxiously awaiting the text from Danielle that read 'I'm back from dance practice. You can come over.' He was going to hers for a nice dinner. Just the two of them. He was excited for this. Maybe it would help him move on from Amber, he thought Danielle was very fit and pretty. He also thought that the fact that she was older made her much more interesting. He got up and walked over to the mirror and observed himself. He wore a fit gray jumper, dark jeans, and white converses' to boot. His hair was in the perfect miniature quiff and he freshly shaved. He walked back to the bed and plopped down. He got a text from Harry.

'How ya' doin' mate? Excited for tonight? ;)'

'I'm doing just fine. And yes I am actually. Thank you for setting us up at the movies... I appreciate you.'

'No problem mate. Be safe tonight xx'

Liam tossed his phone back on the bed and laid down. A few seconds later his phone vibrated, and the text was from Danielle.

'Hey, I just got back from dance practice! I picked up our meal, and by the time you get here I should be showered and ready. :)'

Liam read the text and smiled to himself. He was extremely anxious for this. He popped his phone in his pocket and walked into the kitchen, taking his keys off the hook. His parents were off on their own Valentine's date. Liam walked out the house and opened up the door to his car, stuck his keys in the ignition and turned on the radio. As he drove down the street he clicked through different stations until he found the right song. No songs appealed to him so he turned off the radio and hummed a familiar tune that he knew. Rock Your Body by Justin Timberlake. He hummed a few more Timberlake songs until he finally arrived at Danielle's after about 30 minutes. He parked the car outside the condo and sat in his car for a few minutes. He checked his hair in the car mirror and rubbed his finger over his teeth and smiling. He pulled his keys out of the engine and walked towards her door. He nervously approached the chocolate brown door and raised his hand to knock. After a couple moments, the door opened and he saw a beautiful Danielle. Her hair was curly, all to one side. She wore a blouse that exposed her shoulders and dark skinny jeans, while barefoot. She looked absolutely stunning to Liam.

"Hi." Danielle said sweetly.

"Hi." Liam said mocking her sweet innocent voice. She chuckled and kissed him on his right cheek. She pulled him by his hand inside the condo before she closed and locked the door behind him. Liam took in her condo. It was somewhat small, but cozy since it was just her living here. It was very neat and plush, but had that cute woman's touch. "Nice place." Liam said smiling.

"Thanks." She said looking around and smiling. "I'm just warming the food up, it should be ready in about 15 minutes." She said smiling.


"Want to sit in the kitchen while we wait?" She asked pointing to her dining table. Liam nodded and they walked over to the table. He pulled the chair out for her which made her smile sweetly, then he sat down at the chair right next to her instead of across from her. They talked about everything. Music, interests, clothes, anything you could think of. Time seemed to fly by and Liam got lost in her brown eyes. He took in her features, her cute chubby cheeks. Her plump lips that he would kill to have wrapped around his. The more he looked at her, the more he seemed to like everything about her. Danielle looked at the timer on the oven and it was only about three minutes left.

"Here, let me grab the plates for our food, and then we can finally eat." She said laughing and rising from the table. She got on her tip toes and put one hand on the counter to brace herself. She reached for plates that were on the very top shelf. She was struggling and as adorable as Liam found this, he could tell she was getting frustrated. He got up and walked behind her, her back pressing into his well toned chest. He reached over her and grabbed the plates, placing them on the counter. She turned around and their faces were inches away from each other, they could feel each other's breath and it made them shudder.

"Thanks." She said, her breath quickening but still managing a smile. 

"No problem." Liam said smiling before he went back to a serious face. It was almost impossible for Liam to not touch her. His right hand rose to her shoulder, tracing a line up her collar bone until he reached the base of her neck, holding her head in place. He bent down and kissed her lips sweetly. She instantly kissed back and moaned in his mouth, making Liam feel very satisfied. The kiss got sweeter, and the pace quickened just a tad. She jumped on the counter so she was sitting and he came closer to her. As if it was instinct she wrapped her fit legs around his fit waist and they fit like pieces to a puzzle. They kissed with more passion and Danielle grabbed hold of Liam's shirt holding him close into her. His tongue grazed her bottom lip and right when her mouth was about to part open, the oven went off. Making an annoying and loudly obnoxious beeping sound. They jumped away from each other like they had been caught doing a dirty deed. Liam blushed lightly and Danielle didn't know what to say or do. She hopped of the counter and brushed past Liam. She grabbed a hand mite and took out the food that was in the oven warming up. She placed it on the counter before turning back to face Liam.

"So," She said clearing her throat. "You hungry?" Liam laughed a little and nodded.

"Starving actually." She smiled and placed the food on the plates, telling him to take a seat at the table. She prepared their meals and they sat down. He would occasionally feed her a piece of his chicken, or she would put a spoon of mac and cheese in his mouth. In Liam's eyes, this Valentine's Day couldn't be any better. And in Danielle's mind, she was finally starting to fall for someone. Somebody who looked tough on the outside, but was real sweetheart. To her, everything was perfect.

They finished the dinner and both cleaned their plates. The time was around 9:30 and Liam sighed in disappointment.

"As embarrassing as this sounds, I have to leave soon. School tomorrow." He said scratching the back of his neck nervously. She chuckled and wrapped her finger in his belt loop.

"It's fine baby boy." She said in a mommy voice.

"I'm definitely not a boy." Liam said. She laughed.

"Oh really?" She said taunting him. He took her face in his hand and smashed his lips against hers. The kiss was full of passion until Liam pulled back, only leaving Danielle wanting more.

"I'm sure a boy couldn't do that to you my darling." He said smirking. She wiped her lips and blushed a shade of pink. He grabbed her hand and walked her towards her front door before unlocking it and walking outside. He turned to face her, still holding her hand. He lightly kissed the back of it and spoke.

"This was an amazing night Danielle." He said sweetly.

"I agree Liam." She said smiling.

"Let's see more of each other yeah? I'll text you tomorrow morning." Liam said kissing her on the cheek.

"Okay, see you love. Happy Valentine's Day Liam!" She said in a giddy voice. He chuckled.

"Happy Valentine's Day Danielle." He said before walking away. He walked down to his car and got in. He started his car and waved goodbye to Danielle, and she blew him a kiss. She turned on her heels and walked back into her home. He drove off, with a smile never leaving his lips. He really owed Harry big time for setting them up.

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