Sex, Lies, and Secrets.

Liam is entering his junior year of high school, and all he wants to do is make his parents proud of him for once. Him and his best mate Harry have gotten into a lot of trouble in the past. Louis and his younger sister Alessia are dubbed "The Tomlinsons.", loved by everybody, with the exception of Harry who doesn't seem to like anyone except for himself and the rugby team. Zayn is a very reserved kid who only wants to express himself through art, while his twin sister Reign is willing to do anything to be the most popular girl in school. All irish boy Niall Horan wants to do is play his guitar and sing happy songs, his little brother Brandon is entering high school for his first year with a secret that he want's nobody to know. Welcome to 'Sex, Lies, and Secrets.'
-Reader discretion advised, for MATURE readers.


9. Movie date.

Louis' POV:

"Well are they?" I asked for the hundredth time, making Harry glare at me in annoyance.

"She said they'll be here soon Louis. Calm down." I put my hands under my chin and pouted. We've been waiting for only about five minutes, but I didn't even want to be here. I just kept thinking about how Scarlet left me with no goodbye. How I never got the chance to make her smile. How I never got the chance to let her know that I wanted her to be my girlfriend, for her to be there when I go on stage at the end of the year performance. 

Liam's POV:

We had only been here about 10 minutes, and I already wanted to go home. I was very upset. Why would Ryan ask to hangout with her?  He knows how much I liked her! I thought I could trust him, I'm not very sure why. He's the biggest dick head in the school, and he talks with his penis. Not his brain. I groaned in frustration and ran my hand through my hair.

"Hey man, it's okay. They'll be here soon." Harry said.

"It's not that. I'm still pissed."

"Don't worry to much about it. Look, I'm pretty sure Amber knows you have a crush on her. If she would hangout with Ryan knowing that he's one of your best mates, and knowing that you like her, then obviously she isn't right." I nodded, knowing Harry was right. But I didn't want to accept that Amber was that kind of girl. She was so sweet, and innocent. Or so it seemed.

"Look, here they come now."

No one's POV:

The two girls Harry had invited had arrived at the movies. One of them was slender, normal height, long curly auburn hair. She wore little to no makeup, with light pink lip gloss. She wore a white ruffle top, high waist black shorts, and white sandals. Her nails were painted pink on her fingers and toes. The other had a carmel color skin, with straight golden brown hair. She had a little mascara on, and some blush on her cheeks. But just a little. She wore blue shorts and a black tank top. She had golden bracelets on each of her wrists, golden earrings, and black converse. They walked over to the curly haired boy in unison.

"Harry?" The auburn colored hair one said.

"Eleanor! It's been to long." Harry got up and gave her a warm hug. She pulled away and stepped back to her friend.

"Harry, this is my friend Danielle."

"Nice to meet you." She said extending her hand and flashing a million dollar smile. He took it in his hand and returned the greeting. Alessia walked up behind Harry and introduced herself. Liam and Louis just stood there, not sure of what to do. But they already had their eyes set on which they wanted. 

"Lou, this is your date. Eleanor." Harry said waving for Louis to come over. Eleanor gave Louis a warm smile and Louis returned it with a foolish grin. He was almost drooling over her. 

"Louis. I like that name." She said. He chuckled a little.

"I like Eleanor." He said with a sly wink. They seemed to be hitting it off.

"And Danielle, this is my best chap Liam." Harry said waving for Liam to come and claim his date now. Liam came over shyly and gave her a small smile. Danielle just smiled. "So, ready to go into the movies?" Harry asked. Everybody said yes and they paid their way into the movie. Louis and Eleanor sat on one side of the theater. Harry and Alessia on the other. And Liam and Danielle were the two in the middle.

The movie they watched was Paranormal Activity. Eleanor and Louis were barley paying any attention, they kept playing around with each other. It was adorable actually. Harry kept trying to get Alessia's attention, but Alessia was to into the movie. From time to time Alessia would jump and curl nuzzle her head into Harry's neck. Liam and Danielle on the other hand, were two awkward ducks. Whenever Danielle would get scared, she couldn't jump to Liam for her rescue. She would just try to hide it. Liam kept thinking back to Amber and Ryan. He wasn't trying to be rude to Danielle, but he just couldn't help it. A scary part came on and Danielle jumped a little in her seat and grabbed her chest. Liam took her hand in his and rubbed his thumb over the top of it. He leaned over towards her ear.

"If you need me to protect you, that's fine." He said laughing quietly. She blushed and smiled back at him.

"Thanks." She said. Whenever a scary part came on she would clutch his arm and hide her face in his sleeve. Liam thought she was so adorable. The way she would close her eyes when she was scared, or the way she nervously bit her nails in anticipation. The more Liam noticed how cute she was, the more the thoughts of Amber and Ryan suppressed in his head. The movie ended and the three couples headed out of the theater. 

Harry and Alessia walked out, her arm hooked with his. And they were talking about something interesting, Alessia kept throwing her head back in laughter. Louis and Eleanor were sitting down and laughing it up as well. Liam and Danielle were making small conversation. 

Liam's POV:

"That's cool. So what do you like to do?" I asked. She was a really down to earth girl, and the thing that I liked about her was that she was older than me. She was 20 years old in college. (I know that she is more than three years older than him, but I just wanted to make it like this.

"Dancing, it's my passion. I absolutely love it." She said smiling. "What about you?" Honestly I don't know what I love to do. I do enjoy singing actually, but I couldn't tell her that. That'd be embarrassing.

"Uh, I like to play rugby and football. But I don't play football for my school, just rugby." I said, trying to sound confident with my answer.

"Rugby? I bet your get hurt alot playing that huh?" She asked. I shrugged a little bit.

"Nothing I can't handle." I said trying to sound tough. She giggled a little. Louis and Eleanor came over towards us along with Harry and Alessia.

"Ready to go mates?" Harry asked twirling his mum's car keys. Luckily his mum didn't work tonight and allowed him the car again. When she heard he was going on another date, she was ecstatic to say the least.

"Yeah, just one second." I said turning to Danielle. "Listen, I was wondering if maybe we could exchange numbers? I'd like to hang with you again." I said nervously scratching my neck. 

"You know, I would really like that Liam." She said pulling out her phone, and punching  in the numbers I told her. She sent me a text and I locked her number into my phone.

"Well bye." I said about to walk away. She quickly grabs my wrist and holds me still and places a kiss on my cheek, erupting butterflies in my tummy. 

"Bye Liam." She said smiling as she stood back flat footed. Her and Eleanor walked away and headed towards a nice black range rover. I heard Harry whistle at me and wink. I smiled and shooed him away.

The car ride home was actually kind of silent, just some music playing softly in the background.

"Hey Harry," Louis said breaking the silence. "Thanks for uh, tonight." He said looking at Harry through the rearview mirror. Harry nodded.

"Don't mention it alright?" He said. Louis nodded and smiled. "No, seriously don't mention it. I don't want the guys at the school knowing I did a favor for you." He said looking straight forward. Louis looked taken a back. And Alessia turned and faced him. "Gotcha." Harry said laughing a little. Louis sighed and leaned back in his seat, smiling a little at the joke.

"Your not funny Harry." Alessia said pouting and crossing her arms. We pulled up outside Louis and Alessia's home and Louis got out first going into the house. Alessia was about to get out of the car, but Harry grabbed her wrist and stopped her. He quickly opened his car door and ran around to her side and opened the door for her, grabbing her hand and ushering her out of the car. I've never seen Harry be so sweet to a girl before. He really liked her, he really did. They walked up to the door and I watched as they shared a small conversation before she kissed him on the cheek. She released his hand and slid into her home. I got out of the car and jumped in the passenger side. Harry got into the car with the biggest smile plastered on his face.

"I got my goodnight kiss." He said, his smile never faded. He started the ignition and drove to my place to drop me off.

"Thanks Harry, tonight really helped alot. I think I'm going to ring her soon." I said getting out of the car.

"Good. Well see you at school Liam." And with that he drove off. As I walked through my house and went into my room and fell onto my bed, I realized I was still in the hoodie and jeans Louis let me borrow. I always thought that Louis and Alessia were really irritating, thought they were just the funniest kids around, and just plain posers. But that's not it at all, the only reason I thought that was because that's what everyone else on the team thought. I only thought that because that's what Ryan said every time they would pass us in the halls, or during lunch. Ryan. Ryan was with Amber. 

I tried to shake those thoughts out of my head but they kept invading my mind. Why did I have to think about this so much? Harry was right, Amber knew I liked her. And she went and hung out with one of my best mates. She knows how Ryan is, everybody knows how Ryan is. He didn't care about her! He just wanted to get something out of her. I was so frustrated I slammed my fist into my pillow, I breathed in and out. In and out. In and out. I stripped out of the clothes Louis let me borrow so I was just in my boxers and laid in my bed. I was able to block out my thoughts after a while and went to sleep. 

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